Review of the important AMA session about reforms in Everscale ⚡️

Review of the important AMA session about reforms in Everscale ⚡️

Key participants of the Everscale network was presented the proposed system of economic reforms at the special AMA session, which took place on July 26.

AMA session participants: Alexander Filatov, CEO of EverX, Sergey Shashev, co-founder of Broxus, Sergey Dzhurinsky, Warp Capital and member of the DeFi Alliance.

The contest system which Everscale (Free TON) came up with didn't pan out because:
• did not attract a properly motivated team
• a lot of "token hunters" participated in the project

Global problem: lack of network capitalization growth

• The absence of Everscale among the top 100 coins and top valuable protocols
• Decreased interest among investors

Implementation of 5 initiatives to ensure the growth of the network capitalization.

1. The problem of outstanding commitments to partners — about 50 mln EVER.
Goal: To fulfill commitments without pressure on the market.
Solution: to launch LEVER, a TIP-3.1 utility token, pegged by EVER 1:1, with a 2-year lockup period.

2. The problem of fulfilling commitments to key network participants in terms of direct impact on capitalization — 170 mln to EverX, 170 mln to DeFi Alliance
Solution: a common KPI for all key participants — the growth of the network capitalization to the TOP 100 coins according to the Coingecko rating, and advancing to top 10 ranking (details will be provided).
Current ranking: ~230

3. Core development
• The main development priorities will be decentralized for Everscale companies and experts. If there is no internal consensus, decisions on priorities should be made through EVER DAO
• Starting in July 2022, funding for all core development will come from the Everscale Foundation. New companies will be able to join in core development.

4. Grants and partnerships
Most grants and partnerships didn't provide the expected added value.
Solution: payments only after the community recognizes the project's value for the ecosystem. All funding decisions should be made via Ever DAO.
Benefits for the network ➡️ Clear economic growth ➡️ Token issuance

5. Transition to zero net issuance
Problem: Potential investors usually are afraid of a constant decline in the value of their assets in the network.
Solution: to allocate 200M tokens to a validator subsidy fund and move control over the spending rate from the fund to EVER DAO. This amount of tokens is enough for 5+ years of validation, given that less than 60m has been issued since the start of the network's existence.

🔗 Document with the proposed initiatives has already published on EVER DAO.

If the framework is approved by a majority of votes, the community will be offered more detailed descriptions of each of the 5 points, after which they will be sent to vote.

Drafts with these initiatives will also appear in working chats so that the community can participate in these documents.

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