Review of Everscale Marketing AMA session ๐Ÿ–จ


• Everscale section on Coinmarketcap brings the 3rd largest traffic to the Everscale website. It’s now more effective than all our other social media platforms combined.

• Everscale branding update which levels out Imbalance in current logo. Now the logo integration in the web interfaces will be much easier.

Q&A section

• About the priority marketing activities.
We have lots of articles in the Asian region thanks to Broxus marketing team.

• About cooperation with major influencers.
Most of them are overpriced. We’ve already collaborated with 50-70 influencers. We will continue but with accuracy.

• About purchasing of paid traffic.
We test it but we are strict in our budget. And we are focusing more on the professional community.

• How are the fundraising efforts progressing?
Now it’s quite slow on the bear market. Financing is coming basically from the initial members now.

• About the initial members current activities.
Alex Filatov will be participating in AIBC Sigma in Malta in November

• Are there any plans to involve PR agencies?
We are working with some agencies when publishing articles. The problem of the PR agencies in crypto is they promise much but want some upfront payment.

• Is NFT GameFi marketing support planned?
We are planning to launch the utility NFT collection ‘til the end of the year. If you know the cool GameFi project you bring to the ecosystem, you can claim a reward.

• About Everscale marketing strategy.
We are focused on developers and on CBDCs. We are the blockchain of the new generation which can handle stuff that other blockchains can’t.

• What are other development teams working on?
We have been upgrading our methodology of blockchain development since summer thanks to the architectural committee. Development is more transparent now. You can see what’s going on on the website.

• Does the marketing team plan to attract the technical lead?
The problem of 1 leader is that there is nobody to challenge his ideas. The configuration of talented people in Everscale is super strong and this is our advantage.

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