Review of AMA session with Vladislav Ponomarev ๐Ÿ—ž

• Staked EVER is a collection of DePools combined by balancer smart contract that serves as a proxy for staking your EVER into the pool of DePools
• stEVER is a kind of obligation of the DePool for the certain amount of EVER that you stake there
• The exchange rate is not 1 to 1 because of the mechanism of the liquid staking
• Now you can buy stEVER (means stake EVER) using EVER Wallet and swap it back (means unstake EVER)
• You get your reward at the moment of burning stEVER (when you unstake your EVERs)
• Soon there will be a proposal to make stEVER the official voting token on EVER DAO

New Farming
• You need to migrate from old farming to new farming. So you need just easily withdraw your LP tokens from old farming pools and put them in new ones
• The vesting on old farming will still come to you after the migration
• The expected new farming launch date is 26th of October

BRIDGE token updates
Analytical process and choosing the model are still in progress

Broxie NFT utility
• There will be Some unique privileges in Broxus products (for example, you can get higher boosted staking rates)
• Exact set of utilities will be published soon
• EVER Wallet doesn’t support NFT yet. The Broxus team is now working on it
• To transfer your NFT now you can use marketplaces or use

NFT Bridge
The launch of the NFT Bridge is expected this year

To leave feedback
Broxus team is analyzing the comments in the chats carefully, so do not hesitate to leave your feedback on all the current updates in Broxus chat

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