Revamp of Influencers Subgovernance

Revamp of Influencers Subgovernance

At the 57th MeetUp of the Free TON community, the question about a revamp of Influencers Subgovernance was raised. In this article, we will talk about activities of this Subgovernance and what happened to it.

Functioning of the Influencers Subgovernance

The main goal of Influencers Subgovernance is to popularize Free TON with the help of influencers in the crypto industry. This approach allows to attract new users who will use Free TON products. 

During five months of work, representatives of Influencers Subgovernance have organized several contests, developed programs, supported users of eight cryptographic forums, and attracted more than 1,500 active users. Probably for this reason, the business development Director of TON Labs, Ron Millow, gladly listened to the proposal to reorganize the work of the Subgovernance. But why was it necessary to do it?

Stealing money from Influencers Subgovernance wallet

In spring, 2021, the Influencers Subgovernance wallet became empty. The reason for this was the actions of the attackers Daria Artanovskaya and Viktor Ageev, who were members of Influencers Subgovernance previously. 

In December, Daria Artanovskaya stopped contacting her colleagues, explaining that she had to look after her relatives. After a while, Daria began to join other Subgovernances. Suspecting something was wrong, members of Influencers Subgovernance conducted an investigation and found out that six members of the Subgovernance were employees of the Daria Artanovskaya’s company. Viktor Ageev was the only real person among them.

In March, Daria Artanovskaya decided to leave Influencers Subgovernance and stole all the money of the Subgovernance.

Influencers Subgovernance Revamp Process

First of all, it was decided to attract new initial members of the Subgovernance, which are well connected with cryptocurrency activities, from different countries. Also, the reorganised Subgovernance has a plan to work with new social networks to attract more users.

Community members think that Influencers Subgovernance deserves a second chance. What do you think about that? Leave your comments on the forum or on our channel.

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