Results of votes on EVER DAO ๐Ÿ—ณ

Results of votes on EVER DAO ๐Ÿ—ณ

โœ… The transition to zero net issuance proposal was accepted with a large margin of votes in favor: 10 856 666 coins voted for, 105 101 — against. Voted users believe that the proposal sets out a good business model, as well as a successful deflation mechanism.

โœ… The proposal to issue the LEVER token was accepted almost unanimously: 11 090 697 coins voted for, 207 — against. Since the proposal was clearly and clearly stated, the voters had no questions that could raise doubts: users agreed that the proposal contains a good solution in a bear market.

โœ… The DeFi Alliance & EverX KPI proposal was also adopted by a large margin of votes for: 10 849 649 coins voted for, 32 650 — against. According to the comments, users considered the offer fair and motivational for EverX and DeFi Alliance. In other words, the proposal aroused the confidence of the community.

โœ… The proposal to update the terms of the Crystal Hands program was not accepted as unequivocally as the previous ones: 6 770 090 coins voted for, 1 014 366 — against. Some users considered the proposal good due to confidence in the DeFi Alliance, but another part called the proposal "regular coin distribution."

โŒ The reputational SBT Infrastructure on Everscale proposal was not accepted, although this decision was ambiguous: 2 258 170 coins voted for, 3 281 191 — against. According to the comments, the Identix.Space team requested a large amount (950 000 EVER) without offering a well-developed KPI.

โŒ The proposal for Everscale participation in the Kyiv hackathon as a sponsor also was not accepted: 890 722 coins voted for, 3 976 973 — against. The hackathon contains many tasks that affect politics, which, according to the comments, does not correspond to the independence of blockchain.

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