Results of the Winners Works Catalog contest

Results of the Winners Works Catalog contest

From May 30 to June 30, 2021, the Winners Works Catalog contest from Web & Design Subgovernance was held in the Free TON community. The task of the contestants was to develop a web service for publishing the works of the winners of Free TON contests. In this article we will consider the results of the contest.

9 applications were submitted for the contest, one of which was rejected.

An interesting fact is that the jury evaluated not only the external functionality and visual component of the site, but also the panel of administrators for creating and editing data on the site. For example, some applications received low scores due to the use of a page designer instead of implementing full-fledged management of contests and applications data.

Prize pool of the contest

  • 1 place - 15.000 TON Crystal
  • 2 place - 12.000 TON Crystal
  • 3 place - 10.000 TON Crystal
  • 4 place - 8.000 TON Crystal
  • 5 place - 5.000 TON Crystal

Winners of the contest

1 place:


The application of our team scored 8.88 points. We tried to work out the design of the website, its structure and usability, developed a filter for several Subgovernances, and also paid attention to the review of applications. We selected relevant and valuable contests for the community, analyzed the work of winners and prize-winners, which brought the greatest benefit to the community. The GramKit team plans to develop this project to a

You can see the description of the application here.

2 place:


The application scored 8.82 points. The website contains all the necessary information on contests and applications that are presented. The advantage of the website is a search by the name of the contest. The interface and design of the site may not be fully developed, but the work is very worthy.

You can see the description of the application here.

3 place:


The application scored 8.70 points. The work pleases with a convenient interface, the presence of a search engine and categories, but the design of the site is quite simple.

You can see the description of the application here.

4 place:


The application scored 7.52 points. In addition to the catalog, there is a landing, which tells about the capabilities of the site. Each contest page contains a full description without the need to follow the link in the PDF. However, there is no preview of the application. Moreover, not all of the categories presented were filled out, so it makes it difficult to find applications.

You can see the description of the application here.

5 place:


The application scored 5.94 points. The site has a convenient interface, there is a search by category, but the design of the site is extremely specific and not sufficiently developed, the catalog is too overloaded with extra elements.

You can see the description of the application here

At the moment, catalogs are being vested - in order to receive the second half of the prize, participants need to add at least 100 applications and 10 contest to their sites, as well as consider the possibility of displaying various types of content (for example, design in Figma, code for GitHub, texts, videos, etc.).

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