Results of the Free TON Identity contest

Results of the Free TON Identity contest

Identity is a set of elements designed to determine the external component of the brand.

— It is something that is really needed in Free TON.

The current logo is boring and lacks uniqueness. The color palette changes from site to site. And avatars of units in Telegram are a set of different types of icons and all kinds of crystals.

The jury of W&D Subgovernance decided to solve this problem and launched a contest to create a brand design of Free TON.

On May 30, 2021, the submission of applications was finished, and on June 6, the judges determined the winners.

What was required?

  • Develop a logo and show examples of its use
  • Select a color palette
  • Create a new font or select one of the existing free fonts

A total of 10 winners were chosen.

The total prize pool is 40,000 TON, the winner receives 15,000 TON.

A total of 57 applications were submitted, each of which was rated by an average of 16 judges.

Let’s look at the top 10 applications

We appreciate your time and therefore pay attention only to the most interesting elements - logos!

10th place — 5.50 points

The primary color of the brand was saved. An attempt to develop the idea of a crystal: the main crystal is located as one of the faces of the 3D crystal.

Well, it’s a good try, but it doesn't look very modern!

9th place — 5.79 points

And here is a completely new color palette, it is based on gradients.

An interesting concept of logos for Subgovernances in the form of a divided into "subcrystals" crystal was also proposed. A worthy application, we approve and move on!

8th place — 5.86 points

The main emphasis in the application is on a blue-gray color palette. Monochrome variants are also presented. The logo contains the crystal, but the author suggests looking at it from a different angle - most likely from above.

7th place — 6.14 points

Well, in this work, if the crystal is presented (but we are not sure), then it is made in a completely different style: it resembles the shapes of Lamborghini cars. However, the topic of Subgovernances is very weak, and the flag looks alien in this logo.

6th place — 6.36 points

And we can see the crystal again and this is not surprising - because Free TON is already associated with crystals. In addition, the native currency of the blockchain is TON Crystal.

The color palette of this work closely resembles Telegram's branding. And if you look even harder, then in the icon there is the Telegram logo itself! Yes, the author decided to turn over the "paper airplane" of the messenger and use it as part of the Free TON logo. Well, this solution is bold, but the judges had serious questions about this and after long discussions they decided to ask the author to finalize the logo:

4 / 5th place — 6.57 points

A strict and neat version, made in a minimalist style. Colors are picked pleasantly, fonts are suitable. A good application that allowed the author to confidently enter the top five works.

4 / 5th place — 6.57 points

“Who said that the crystal had to be necessarily pentahedral”, the author probably thought, and presented us three crystals of completely different shapes. It’s a bold rethinking of both the logo and color palette.

Now we will see the best three works according to the jury of W&D Subgovernance.

3rd place — 6.79 points

The author of this work decided to completely abandon the idea of the crystal in the logo. Also this winner came to the maximum reveal of the abbreviation of the name. The idea was great.

2nd place — 6.93 points

Minimalistic shapes, pleasant colors and gradients - what else is needed for a good logo? The color scheme is close to the current one, and the shape of the crystal has become more rounded.

And… Drumroll..!

1st place — 7.54 points

Here we will stop and look separately at the logo, font and colors.

The logo has a crystal shape. But the crystal is not empty and it has an interesting and non-trivial "filling."

Comments from the author:

My goal was to rethink the traditional appearance of the crystal icon, but at the same time maintain its recognizable shape. Abstract rounded shapes create a very soft shape along with shades of blue that give the crystal volume, emphasizing its natural transparency.

As the basis for the color palette, the author used the existing set of "official" Free TON colors:

Besides, the author chose Inter as a font, and indicated that this font had excellent capability of many characters:

What do you think about the results? Would you like to receive a snapback with the logo of the winner? Is your favourite work in the top 10 applications? We are waiting for your comments!

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