Reality Show “Making Money On Crypto. Test-drive”. The Beginning

Reality Show “Making Money On Crypto. Test-drive”. The Beginning

Free TON House launches the project “Making money on crypto. Test Drive”. On October 1, we invested $200 in different cryptocurrencies to make money by farming on various blockchains. We will track and report in real-time how our income is changing.

Risk or stability — which path will be more profitable? Which cryptocurrency or platform will yield more profits? What will become an inefficient or completely useless investment? Weekly reports on our website!

Each month we will make changes to the portfolio. And we plan to make this process interactive so that you too can participate in the discussion of decisions.

What Is Our Reality Show About?

What do you need to make money on cryptocurrency? What currency to invest in? What are the risks of such an investment? What is the minimum amount needed to profit from cryptocurrency? Where to start today, to buy a new car in a year for the income from the cryptocurrency? Or an apartment…

The Free TON House editors decided on their own example to check whether it is possible to earn on cryptocurrency and how much, and in the process try to answer other important questions about making money on cryptocurrency.

Initially, an amount of $800 was allocated. At the beginning of our experiment, it was possible to buy, for example, a quarter of Ether for it and wait for its rate to grow. And, of course, there is a possibility of a rate drop and losses.

But we decided to take a more complicated and technologically advanced way, splitting our funds into $200 pieces. We invested it in yield farming on four different platforms. And we chose cryptocurrency and stablecoin on each platform except for the pair WETH/WTON.

This way we can track income from different cryptocurrencies, and stablecoins reduced the risk of IL (Impermanent Loss), which occurs in yield farming when there are significant fluctuations in the exchange rate of one currency against the other.

Farming (Yield farming, profitable farming) is a way to get income by investing a token pair in the liquidity pool of an exchange, a bridge. You can earn from 15% to hundreds of percent per annum, which are expressed in APY, and its size varies over time.

Free TON House has invested in the following projects for the experiment:

TON Swap on the Free TON blockchain, WETH/WTON pair with APY 87%

Ref Finance on the NEAR blockchain, USDT/WNEAR pair with APY 58.1%

PancakeSwap on the BSC blockchain, AutoCAKE staking with APY 74.08%

ZOO, a ZOO/BUSD pair with APY 3198%

Why Did We Choose These Tokens?

Choosing cryptocurrencies for investment is the most important process. The easiest decision for us was the first currency because we have been writing about the Free TON blockchain since its foundation and we see its development and potential. 

  1. We chose TON Crystal, Free TON blockchain native currency, because of its stable exchange rate, low network fees, prospects for further exchange rate growth due to the blockchain technological effectiveness, and high farming income. TON Crystal rate was $0.357 per TON, which makes a total of 560 TON for $200. It was paired with Ether for farming on the TON Swap — as a token that promises high growth due to the upcoming Ethereum blockchain changes.
  2. NEAR is a platform similar to Free TON in its technology. We chose its currency because it has been growing steadily lately. NEAR exchange rate against the dollar is $7.17, with 28 NEAR for $200. USDT was chosen as a pair to NEAR. Farming will take place on the REF platform.
  3. Binance Smart Chain is a popular Ethereum clone, but with low fees. PancakeSwap, which runs on it, is one of the most popular farming platforms. We chose it and the CAKE token, the rate of which is $19.31. In this case, there is no need to choose a pair since we invested tokens in automatic staking. Let’s see, will the simplest approach from the user’s perspective be beneficial?
  4. Zoo Game is another project on the BSC blockchain. It is an adventurous investment, which we made because of the high percentage on farming — about 3000% per annum. We want to warn those wishing to invest. There is a high risk of losing half of your investment! ZOO rate is 0,44$. We chose BUSD, the stablecoin of the BSC network, as the second token of the pair.

What To Expect In The Future?

Each week we will publish reports, showing how our income changes: in dollars, in tokens, and what is the current impermanent loss.

Once a month we will add a new farming pair, which will be chosen with the active participation of our readers in the voting process on our Telegram channel.


By the way, we plan to spend the profit that our investment portfolio will bring by the end of the year on organizing the New Year’s Eve corporate party. And what it will be: a modest sweet table with champagne or vacation in a ski resort — depends not only on us.

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