RBC: TON Crystal is one of the most underestimated tokens

RBC: TON Crystal is one of the most underestimated tokens

This Thursday, November 12 an article titled “What cryptocurrencies we should buy now. The choice of experts ” was published on the RBC news portal. In the article, the experts expressed their opinion on what projects should be paid attention to now. TON Crystal is one of them.

RBC is one of the largest Russian media platforms, providing full coverage of what is happening not only inside the country, but also around the world. The platform is popular among the Russian-speaking population on all continents; the total audience of its projects exceeds 58 million people. This means one thing: Free TON has received the attention of a very large number of people.

The above mentioned article is devoted to the cryptocurrency market. Now its capitalization is about $ 456 billion, which is 2.5 times more than at the beginning of 2020. Experts believe that this is only the start of the growth stage, and that we will see many indicators in the green – which means that now is the time to invest in crypto assets with high potential.

The experts interviewed include Alexander Khvoinitsky, Marketing Director at Chatex, a crypto project which is well known to many members of the Free TON community. It was him who characterized TON Crystal as one of the most underestimated and young tokens. Also, the article briefly tells the history of the TON and Free TON blockchain.

What do you think about this news? You can read the full version of the original article here.

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