Qubix Infinity metaverse on GOSH 🔥

Qubix Infinity metaverse on GOSH 🔥

A new project was developed on GOSH — the p2e metaverse Qubix Infinity, created in conjunction with Angry Birds developer Peter Vesterbaka.

The game centers around the main characters, called Cubics, who fight on special space stations — "Rooms," which can be built by owners from scratch. Owners can get a commission for each game played in the room and advertise their NFTs right in the room with special holograms that players are encouraged to buy after the match.

Also, players can play for those tokens that they want, since Qubix Infinity integrates tokens from other Web3 projects.

At the moment, teams are developing DAO for the metaverse to use it as an effective control model.

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