Proposal: volunteer and mentorship program renewal

Proposal: volunteer and mentorship program renewal

08.08.21 the African Subgovernance made a proposal to renew the volunteer and mentorship program in Free TON. The essence of the program is to create a Free TON educational component to train newcomers and attract more users.

How does the program work?

According to the proposal, the volunteer and mentorship program Free TON has already been implemented earlier in Free TON. The proposal describes the innovations created to improve the program. 

To begin with, it is necessary to hold a contest for Free TON potential mentors and volunteers in order to identify interested and competent persons who will be able to teach new users. Community participation in program activities is also required.

The program is primarily aimed at attracting African developers.

The main goal of the program is to substantiate the importance of the role of Free TON as a decentralized blockchain in everyday life.

Also an important item of the program is the creation of a discussion and learning forum that will help transfer knowledge about Free TON to new users.

The main task of volunteers and mentors is to attract at least 80 users weekly.

Community opinion on the proposal

At the time of writing, users speak positively about the proposal in comments on the forum.

Your opinion

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