Presentation of the project Freeton Domains from Augual team

Presentation of the project Freeton Domains from Augual team

At the 66th Free TON community weekly MeetUp, the Augual team presented their new project - Freeton Domains.

About the project

Freeton Domains was created after two rounds of the DeNS contest. Freeton Domains is a website based on decentralization. You can register domains on the site.

You have to click one button to create a domain. You can also view information about domains created by other users on the site.

How does it work? 

In domain search engine, you need to enter the domain name you want information about. An example of such information is the address of the domain, its level, status, owner address, etc.

If you want to create your domain, you can enter a domain name in the same search engine. The site will give you information that such a domain does not exist, but you can click on the "Deploy" button. The next step is to send a transaction. Thus, you will create your own domain.

Features of the project

Since the site is based on decentralization, you cannot create domains that are available only to specific groups of people (for example, for a business).

The latest site updates

At the time of writing, a website redesign was completed, the Latest Activity and MyDomains pages were added. TonWallet support was also added.

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