Pokerton launches a monthly tournament for Free TON members

Pokerton launches a monthly tournament for Free TON members

Grand battles, huge prizes, and a friendly community! Poker room Pokerton has launched  the Free TON Community Special Tournament, a monthly tournament for all Free TON members.

Who hasn’t played online poker at least once?  Pokerstars, PartyPoker, 888poker — many have spent hours in these poker rooms. Popularity has a flip side — crowds of regular players, huge buy-ins (the amount of money to participate in the game) and collusion at the tables — all this makes us look for a new platform to play. Pokerton can become such a place. Especially since it has started a monthly series of tournaments for the Free TON Community, which anyone can join.

Pokerton is a poker room with Telegram registration and betting on TON Crystal. No account verification or pre-deposits before withdrawing funds.

In the Pokerton Room, most players are from the CIS countries, but there are also quite a few players from Asia and Europe. The main discipline is No Limit Hold’em.

In addition to monthly tournaments such as the Free TON Community Special Tournament, there are also daily tournaments, the schedule of which remains unchanged.

As a rule, there are no more than two hundred players at the tables. The exception is the daily freerolls with a guaranteed prize of 100 TON Crystals.

But I would like to draw your attention to a new monthly tournament on PokerTON and share my personal experience of participating in it.

The Free TON Community Special Tournament is held on the last Saturday of each month. It differs from other tournaments with a large prize guarantee and a minimum deposit. Just 25 TON Crystal and you’re already at the table fighting for a part of the 3,000 crystal prize pool

In the second tournament of this series, 105 players competed for the coveted crystals on September 25. A total of sixteen prizes were drawn. The first place prize — 750 TON, and 60 TON Crystal for places from 14th to 16th.

From the first minutes of the tournament, forty-five players gathered at the tables, the game was very intense. No one wanted to miss their chance to hit the jackpot. Standard checks before the turn and small raises on the river. Moreover, the tightness was that most players dropped their high pairs at any hint of a flush or a straight.

I also check-raised at any hint of a flush, but only when I was in a good position to do so. In tournaments like this, the key is to take no chances and take the blinds whenever you can. This will easily get you into the prize pool and at least double your buy-in.


I would like to share the deal, so you can understand the game and not go negative.

I have an ace of hearts and a six of clubs, I make a small raise before the flop. Two of my opponents call. On the flop we get a jack of diamonds, as well as a ten and a six of hearts. The flop was all checked. On the turn we get a jack again, but this time it’s a spade. I raise minimally, leaving one opponent in the game. The river pleased me with a five of hearts. Here I decided to bravely play 3bet, as the player behaved very tightly, as well as everyone else at the table. A few seconds of thought and my opponent’s cards were folded, and my pot increased. And there were a lot of such deals. This is exactly what will bring me back to the table of this tournament next time, besides 3000 TON Crystal.

The main thing is that 3bet is enough to capitulate the opponent, which allows you to save the pot even with a strong opponent’s hand, in case of his call.

Unfortunately, for all my tightness, I got a little excited and went all-in with AK and a high pair of kings. My opponent immediately called and showed me pocket aces. I swore a thousand times I wouldn’t take any chances, but I couldn’t help myself. But, on the other hand, there was no straight or flush on the board, only slight hints in the form of a draw on the turn. Most likely, I would have gone to the end anyway, having the top combination.

In almost all major tournaments, there are at least three prizes to be won. This tournament was no exception.


Congrats to the winners and invite new players to the October tournament.  As a reminder, the tournament should be expected on the last Saturday of the month.

I experience a lot of positive emotions and will definitely take part. Moreover, the game strategy has already been developed and it will help to reach the prize place. 

See you at the table!

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