PokerTON — All in!

PokerTON — All in!

One of the ways to get crystals is to participate in daily freerolls (free poker tournaments) with prize money in TON Crystals. PokerTON, a partner of Free TON, raffles over 1000 TON Crystals every week.

@pokertonbot: Chatbot Functionality

To start your first game in PokerTON, open Telegram and go to the @pokertonbot chatbot. Click «Start», select your language and click — «Play Poker».

The account balance can be replenished only through the chatbot menu. By clicking «Deposit”, select the appropriate option:

  • Buy TON

The path is provided for those who don’t have TONs yet. You can buy 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 tokens or enter any amount. By specifying the payment currency and payment method, you will know the amount to be paid. If you agree with the exchange rate, the link will lead you to the Chatex-bot, where you will complete the purchase of crystals.

  • Send TON to your address

Holders of TON Crystals just scan the QR code or copy the address to which they need to send crystals from their wallet.

When funds are available on the account, the “Withdraw» icon will become active. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 TON Crystal.

In the Account section, we get acquainted with the user agreement, active promotions rules and rake table. For example, if you deposit to your account from 25 to 600 TON Crystal, you can get 100% bonuses. Moreover, for every 25 TONs of the generated rake, 10 tokens are credited. Three months are allotted for the use of bonuses.

PokerTON Freerolls

Select “Play Poker » in the chatbot. The Poker TON app is automatically loaded in the browser.

Even if you have not replenished your account balance, you can still take part in the tournament and earn crystals. As part of the partnership agreement between Free TON and PokerTON, PokerTON holds daily freerolls with a draw of crystals:

  • two tournaments only for new users with a prize pool of 10 crystals
  • one tournament — 100 crystals
  • on Sundays — Weekly freeroll with a prize pool of 500 crystals

On the page with the freerolls open for registration, hover the cursor over the tournament and read the details about it — «Details». In the window that appears, information about the prize and payments for each place is displayed, the nicknames of already registered participants are listed.

To register for the freeroll, click «Register» and read whether this tournament is available to you. If there is a ticket, then the «Register» button is active. Confirm the registration and wait for the start of the tournament.

Daily tournaments with a prize pool of 10 TONs are held at 16:00 and 20:00 Moscow time. There are 45 seats available for registration. In the tournament, in which we were testing our luck, there were 4 prizes for 29 participants. 10 TONs were distributed between them.

On the Daily and Weekly freerolls with a prize pool of 100 and 500 crystals,  respectively, the prize pool is distributed among the TOP 15% of the participants. Both tournaments start at 21:00 (MSK). The maximum number of participants in the Daily Freeroll is 999, the Weekly Freeroll is 5555.


PokerTON is a great way to monetize your poker skills. And you can and should do this with friends: for inviting a friend to the game (in your “Account»), one crystal is given to you. Learn about upcoming tournaments, promotions or just refresh the knowledge of the game rules in the game chat.

PokerTON CEO Kirill Ushakov: “Poker is a platform where people play with people. It’s eco-friendly… even though it’s officially recognized as gambling»

After playing a few poker games, we decided to ask Kirill Ushakov a question to find out what PokerTON plans to do in the future to entertain newcomers and, possibly, professional players.

  • Tell us, how many players are there at PokerTON right now?

Every day, about 500 people play in free tournaments, and on Sunday — fifteen hundred. Google Analytics shows that we have 6,300 active users as of the last week of February. 

In total, there are over 100,000 users on the platform. Of these, just over 50,000 received tokens. And recently, we made a gift to the participants who played actively and for a long time in free tournaments, but could not get into the prizes and earn crystals, because only 15% of the places are prize-winning. PokerTON gave them one token each.

The minimum withdrawal is 10 TON. Therefore, we gave the crystals not to withdraw, but as a motivation for further play. After all, it’s just nice to give and receive gifts.

Yes, our main entrance is now through free tournaments. Every day at 21:00 (MSK) we draw 100 TON Crystal. Players win something and come with crystals to paid tournaments. They get the amount up to 10 TON and withdraw them, or lose everything. And again they go to the free tournament.

  • By the way, what can you expect in the very near future for the transfer of funds to the account balance?

We have now added Chatex Pay and are working on making it easier to buy TONs for fiat. Negotiations are underway so that TONs can be purchased directly from the card.

  • What are your plans to increase the PokerTON audience?

We want to cover more countries. Now 90% of players are from the CIS countries. There are players from Turkey, Spain, India, Germany. We want to attract more participants from Asia. Now the most effective channel for attracting users is Telegram. We have made about 800 placements on unique Telegram channels. And while there are still valid ones, we will continue to do this for a month or two. Then we plan to attract bloggers, streamers on Twitch and YouTube. We have tested this option: bloggers placed our ads in stories, invited to free tournaments.

It is important to remember that our main goal is Free TON. Attraction to the community through PokerTON and Telegram. And most importantly, these are active users who will then move to the community and benefit it.

But the further you go, the funnel gets narrower, because poker is banned in many countries. This is very strange: consoles and lotteries are allowed, but poker is prohibited.

  • Should we expect major tournaments from PokerTON?

We are planning to host a major anniversary online tournament with qualifying rounds. I’m not ready to share the details yet.

We also want to go offline. At the initial stage — PokerTON online qualifying tournaments, and then we will gather 6 people who have overcome all the rounds in Moscow or Kiev at the final table.

As an option, we are considering the possibility of making a pilot episode of the PokerTON show. With all the elements of such shows: a poker table, players and their cards in full view of the audience. We will start promoting this video on YouTube. On Twitch, they will comment on the recorded clip. Online is expensive.

  • Will PokerTON always be linked to a Telegram chatbot?

We have poker in Telegram and we will not leave the messenger in the near future. Telegram is a bypass of blocking. Launch Telegram, find @pokertonbot, click the «Play Poker» button and enjoy the process without third-party sites and applications. We are constantly improving the bot. Because all transactions take place through a chatbot. All deposits and withdrawals of money — through a chatbot! Account — through a chatbot.

We are also improving the web application, adding different features to make it easier for PRO players to play. For all the time we have made more than 100 improvements.

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