Partnership proposal with RusBit

Partnership proposal with RusBit

A partnership proposal with RusBit appeared on the Free TON forum on 12/22/2020. The company is engaged in the manufacture and maintenance of crypto-terminals. The purpose of this cooperation is to increase the number of Free TON users by introducing currency into terminals and encouraging users by distributing Crystal TON.

RusBit – In June 2016, one of the founders of the Demidov metal trading company had an idea to create a production of bitcoin terminals. Experts monitored manufacturers of such equipment and it turned out that there are only 10 manufacturers in the world and none of them are based in Russia. In July 2016, a contest was held for the performer of the terms of reference for the creation of the RusBit platform. In January 2017, the RusBit platform was ready and passed initial successful tests. Soon, it was decided to prematurely launch the platform and conduct basic tests in the process. Thus, by the entry into force of the digital currency law, get the perfect product at the exit.

On January 27, 2017, in Ufa, the first in Russia domestic crypto-terminals RusBit was installed (based on the Qiwi payment terminal).

In 2019, the RusBit platform team was updated. Thanks to 3 years of testing, the company at the beginning of 2020 provided users with a new product – the RusBit multicurrency platform.

In 2020, we released a new product – the RusBit multicurrency platform. This platform will differ from the previous one by adding:

1) new pairs of cryptocurrency exchange;

2) the ability to work in two directions – buy / sell (with the issuance of cash Cash-out);

3) the ability to choose the language (interface of the crypto ATM);

4) the possibility of choosing a local fiat currency (for the owner of a crypto-terminals);

To date, 273 crypto ATMs have been sold. The company plans to enter the international market by 2021. Crypto terminals on the map.

The turnover of 1 crypto ATM is 3000-3500 USD per day. The number of customers per day per crypto ATM is 50 people.

Terms of cooperation with Free TON:

Integration is divided into two stages.

Fourth-quarter of 2020:

  • Place advertising information about Free TON on the official website and all RusBit pages in social networks;
  • Organization of contests with prizes in the form of Crystal TON;
  • Providing free consultation on free TON products and Crystal TON capabilities for residents of Russia and the CIS by calling the hotline 8-800-222-39-03;
  • The brokers of our company, to whom our clients constantly turn, will actively promote the idea of ​​investing money in the promising TON Crystal coin;

The first quarter of 2021 (January-February 2021):

  • Adding Crystal TON to low-fee crypto ATMs;
  • A client who has bought any type of cryptocurrency at a crypto ATM is given a gift in the form of 1 TONs;
  • Active participation in all further Free TON projects;
  • Advertising (Google Adwords and Yandex);

To implement the proposal, 100,000 TONs were requested, which will be sold for:

  • Advertising campaign 10,000 TONs;
  • To attract active clients and investors is 50,000 TONs;
  • Selling and advertising costs: 40,000 tons of crystal;

Forum member Free TON left the following comment: “Get into contact with me. If you add TON Crystal to crypto ATMs, then our team is ready to buy 300 ATMs for Europe ”. Cooperation with RusBit can be beneficial for the development of both projects. Free TON will receive a target base of users who work with or are related to cryptocurrency, which will positively affect the development of the project and increase the number of participants. Hopefully, the partnership will take place and benefit the Free TON community.

For more information on the offer of RusBit, please follow the link.

Do you think this kind of collaboration will benefit Free TON? Share your opinion in the comments.

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