Partnership proposal from Aparat Video Sharing Platform

Partnership proposal from Aparat Video Sharing Platform

Aparat is a global video sharing platform. According to Alexa, Aparat has climbed into the TOP-100 popular sites over the past few months.

Aparat proposes to become a Free TON video marking tool on the web. To implement the plan, the platform drew up a budget that includes decent hardware, software, and the creation of a team that will work on the Free TON project.

In the first phase, Aparat asks for an advance payment of 550,000 TON Crystals. For this money, it is planned to carry out: planning, moderation and placement of content created for the assigned tasks.

At the second stage, which will take place with constant monitoring of efficiency, Aparat expects up to 850,000 TON Crystals from Free TON.

Our opinion. «Give us money!» — this is the brief essence of the proposal. They have neither a team nor equipment, but they want to buy all this at the expense of Free TON.

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