Partnership proposal: Finstreet – India’s First Crypto Education platform

Partnership proposal: Finstreet – India’s First Crypto Education platform

Education is an obligatory and natural process of development in any field of activity. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are no exception. Today we will take a look at a partnership offer from an Indian company – Finstreet. The first crypto learning platform.

Finstreet is India’s first crypto education institute. This platform enables the creation of an easily accessible environment for people to learn about the importance of cryptocurrencies and the various asset classes associated with them. Finstreet creates introductory and overviews videos to help educate people interested in the blockchain and crypto space about the project. The CEO of the company, Bandhul Bansal, also registered on the Free Ton forum and answered all questions regarding potential cooperation.

Finstreet was established in 2018, until this year Bandhul Bansal has been working to raise awareness of the cryptocurrency in the Indian market. The team has created offline seminars, podcasts, and Youtube videos. After hosting offline events in 2017, the company received a huge number of requests to repeat lectures and decided to create a Linked In account and a learning platform.

If the info is relevant, then the company has a really large audience:

  • YouTube 410 900 subscribers
  • Quora Spaces 3 18,300 Followers
  • Bolo India 2 70,100 followers
  • Trell 2 34,000 subscribers
  • TikTok 4 128,100 subscribers
  • MX Takatak 2 30,100 subscribers
  • DailyHunt Josh 2 8,100 Followers
  • More than 300 thousand people in the community are interested in cryptography and blockchain.

Finstreet also offered to conduct an advertising campaign for Free Ton in order to create an information field and increase awareness of the project.

Campaign objectives:

  • Increasing brand awareness among the crypto community.
  • Interact with the developer community to build decentralized applications using Free TON, or contribute to the community through a series of webinars.
  • Detailed introduction to the project plan.

Finstreet offers a 12-month partnership consisting of the following activities:

  • Banner ads in every cryptocurrency news.
  • Free video Ton Network in the introduction to our channel for every visitor.
  •  Disclaimer at the beginning of the video.
  • Ton branding in all videos (on average we create 175+ videos per month)
  •  Free Ton branding on the preview.
  •  Daily Free Ton Branding posts in the YouTube community segment.
  •  Free Ton Branding IGTV Videos on Instagram and Social Media.
  • Sponsoring every video on the Finstreet YouTube channel
  • 50 million impressions minimum
  • Ads and promotions on social networks.

Yes, the offer numbers and potential audience reach can really sound interesting. But not all community members believed in the reality of the data provided. Since India is known for its popularity for cheating statistics, clickers, and bots. Even under the partnership offer, there were more than 8 messages from accounts only registered on Free Ton. Also, there is no exact goal of attracting living community members, a way to verify that users came from the Finstreet platform, and a method to track the reality of work.

An excellent clarification in the comments was the fact that Tik Tok is in principle blocked in India and statistics from its coverage cannot be taken into account. And the statistics from the BoloIndya website are suspiciously high since the project itself is young.

In general, the proposal has a lot of value, but the reliability of the data provided is difficult to verify. The company was invited to the AMA session on December 28 at 12:00.

What do you think of this company and this partnership? Join the discussion on the forum here. We are waiting for everyone at the AMA session on December 28!

Good luck!

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