News from EverX (formerly TON Labs)

News from EverX (formerly TON Labs)

EverX (formerly TON Labs) announced updates that will make the use of the Everscale blockchain more convenient and easy for developers.

Evernode Platform

Even before the launch of Everscale (since 2019), the EverX team began to develop a product line, namely: TONOS-SE, DApp Server, Public Cloud. Now all products are combined under the same name — Evernode Platform. Products are also part of this platform. All necessary information about the platform, including Road Map, product description, release information, is available here.

Updated list of public endpoints

Now Everscale apps can sustain higher loads and thereby provide better service quality, as the list of public endpoints has been updated. EverX added two more public endpoints to the MainNet and one to the DevNet, and also changed their names: now they are named according to the data centers where the endpoints are located. You will find a full list of endpoints here.

The other updates

The following may also be noted in EverX activities:

  • The company released Notification Queue to production on the development network. If you want to become a provider of HTTP notifications — read the NQ documentation.
  • The process of GraphQL API functionality deprecation was started. Check out the plan at the link.
  • The team took metrics of EverX public API for query response time. At the moment EverX provides 75 percentile response time = 32ms, 94 percentile response time = 100 ms. Read more here

You can give EverX feedback about work of the company here.

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