New article about DePools in Everscale 🟪

New article about DePools in Everscale 🟪

The constantly evolving blockchain should increase the decentralization and involve in consensus as many network participants as possible. However, all participants have different capabilities, not everyone can be a validator.

The Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm used in Everscale allows users to participate in the transaction verification process through DePools technology.

DePool (Decentralized Pool) is a smart contract that allows other smart contracts to invest stakes of EVER tokens into a common pool of funds and to receive them back with interest after the validation period ends. The funds locked will be added up to a validator’s stake to increase their chances to be chosen for transaction validation.

With their EVER Wallet connected, one can interact with the interface to deposit EVER and send them to the chosen DePool contract. The article explains the key concepts of staking through DePools, describes the mechanics of the process, and explains what users should pay attention to when choosing a pool (such as TVL and fees).

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