Mr. Freeman: The Voice of Freedom

Mr. Freeman: The Voice of Freedom

Mr. Freeman is the most mysterious character in Runet. He is called a messiah, a prophet, a provocateur, a buffoon, a madman… His creators have released their cryptocurrency and developed a virtual state project. And now they’re taking it to the next level. We tell about the mysteries and transformations of Mr. Freeman, about the free state and its future.

Let us recall that since April 2021, the virtual state of Freeland is moving to the Free TON Labs platform, and MFCoin coins are exchanged for Free TON crystals. Mr. Freeman’s ideas in social philosophy and the entire ideological springboard of the virtual nation also become part of the Free TON ecosystem.

Who is Mr. Freeman?

This monochrome animated character “lives” on YouTube since September 2009.

There are thousands or even tens of thousands of comments under each of his video messages. People argue, wonder, analyze, try to find hidden messages… Some hate him, some idolize him — in any case, no one remains indifferent.

Each episode could be analyzed for hours in search of hidden meanings, metaphors, signs, and Easter eggs. For example, the number 7 (the number seven car, seven steps on the stairs, Freeman’s seven teeth, etc.) often appears in the video. And back in 2014, the channel was releasing a series of short videos with philosophical questions — with an interval of exactly 7 days. This number in itself is considered sacred in many cultures, but the creators of the series may have a special symbolism in it because even the word Freeman itself has seven letters.

In his provocative monologues, Mr. Freeman is unceremonious. He speaks in riddles and at the same time directly calls things by their proper names, reveals human vices and acute social problems, literally makes people think with their heads and listen to themselves. But most importantly, calls to become free — from prejudice, ideology, propaganda, stereotypes…

In some episodes, the character reacts to comments and discussions in the runet of previous episodes, which makes the project essentially an interactive series.

Who Is Behind Him?

Initially, the YouTube series was completely anonymous — making it seem like it appeared on its own. The most attentive viewers noticed that Mr. Freeman speaks in the voice of Frankie from The Frankie Show. But the author of the project, actor Vadim Demchog, assured that he voiced only the first three episodes. And only on December 12, 2012, the creators of Mr. Freeman came out of the shadows.

Pavel Muntyan, the author of the idea for the character, admits that Mr. Freeman was “born” at a hard time because of the desire to express everything that has accumulated.

“If someone in the audience has opened their eyes and heart after Mr. Freeman’s monologues (and I know there are some), it means the character has accomplished his task. To begin treatment, you need to understand that you are sick. Globally, society is sick. Everything that happens around only confirms what has been said. But the trend of glossing over problems is a bad sign”, says Pavel.

Why Does He Need A Free State?

In 2017, Freeman announces the creation of the virtual state of Freeland and the MFCoin cryptocurrency. Freeland is a social and financial platform, a self-organizing model in the information field that serves the social and economic relationships between people. This is a kind of experiment, an attempt to create an ideal democracy in the information space, open and transparent. The blockchain became the basis of this design.

This is how the creators of Freeland see some key areas of social relations in the future:

The authors of the project are sure that the existing concept of the state is outdated. Some people feel cramped within existing borders (for example, a Russian citizen lives in Cyprus and works on projects from the United States, Great Britain, and the Netherlands). And Freeland is an attempt to create a comfortable and safe environment for such people to interact, work and grow.


So, from an anonymous character breaking stereotypes, in twelve years Mr. Freeman has turned into the mouthpiece of the free state ideology. And to extend Freeland’s virtual borders, its creators turned to Free TON Labs for a partnership.

Within three months, the full transfer of MFCoin and the ideological base of Freeland to the Free TON platform is planned. This symbolic (Freeman — Freeland — Free TON) merger will simplify the procedure for obtaining virtual citizenship, and in the future, Freeland may become the first officially recognized by the UN state on the territory of the information space.

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