Meet the NFT collection Broxie ⚡️

Meet the NFT collection Broxie ⚡️

The NFT collection, recently announced by Broxus, now has a website with detailed information about the collection, illustrations and even music! Broxie represents the world of Broxus hard workers who contribute to Everscale development.

There are rumors that Broxie owners will be able to gain special privileges in the Everscale ecosystem and on Broxus platforms: access to a secret investor community, special terms of use on FlatQube and Octus Bridge, as well as special features in the field of GameFi.

Each Broxie in the collection will be unique, during the drop (the date will be announced later) you will not know which Broxie you will get.

It will be possible to purchase Broxie using EVER Wallet and MetaMask.

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