Meaning of the term "DePool" in the Free TON ecosystem

Meaning of the term "DePool" in the Free TON ecosystem

What does the term "DePool" mean?

DePool (decentralized pool) is a smart contract that gives other smart contracts the opportunity to invest stakes in a common pool of funds. After an investment, after a period of time, smart contracts can regain funds with interest.

Why is it necessary to use DePool?

To check and sign blocks in Free TON, you need the work of validators who receive a reward. In order to become a validator, you need a significant amount of funds as a deposit in cryptocurrency. Sometimes this amount of funds exceeds the budget of a particular validator, which causes difficulties. A decentralized pool is designed to solve this very problem when a user with tools and a user with validator capabilities can help each other.

DePool also stores information about stakes, maintains the balance of all participants and distributes stakes with rewards to participants.

Here you can see the list of the decentralized pools in Free TON.

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