“Making Money On Crypto. Test-drive”. Episode 7. The Cat Is the New Hero Of the Show

“Making Money On Crypto. Test-drive”. Episode 7. The Cat Is the New Hero Of the Show

Almost eight weeks have passed since the start of the “Making money on crypto. Test-drive” reality show. We took a break from the review and in three weeks a lot of events happened: we said goodbye to Zoo Game and found a new risky asset — NFT farming on the platform HeroCat.io

The calculations exclude exchange fees and slippages, so the final profit may vary slightly.

ZOO at Zoo Game. More Than 200% Profit!

The risky investment in a pair of ZOO-BUSD on Zoo Game has paid off in full! We constantly monitored the course and on November 21, 2021, we made a quick decision to take profit and exit from farming. It’s all about more than twofold growth in assets. The KEY rate (tokens in which the reward is credited on the platform) increased to $ 19.9, and the ZOO rate to $ 1.36.

For over 7 weeks, the income amounted to 3,765 KEY ($ 70). After removing liquidity, we received 177.7 BUSD  and 131.1 ZOO. All assets were transferred to BUSD and the total amount was $ 425, with IL almost 15%.

Thus, our profit is equal to $ 225 or 112.5% ​​in less than 2 months.

The Cat Is The New Hero of The Show

As a result of withdrawing the deposit from ZOO, we got $ 200 free. Considering that GameFi is a modern trend, we found another, even bolder than ZOO attachment: HeroCat.io

Hero Cat is a young Game Fi platform that is not fully on-chain and made on the principle of centralized exchanges. Hero Cat is available for deposit to users on the BSC, Huobi, Ethereum and TRON blockchains (BEP20, HECO, TRC20, ERC20). The platform token is HCT with the contract address 0x29a1e54de0fce58e1018535d30af77a9d2d940c4

HTC’s current price is around $ 0.2. Tokens are available for exchange on PancakeSwap. The tokens are also redeemed by the platform itself.

To participate, you have to register on the website, using e-mail or mobile phone. After that, by making a deposit to the platform account in the form of HTC and USDT tokens, you get the opportunity to mint Mumu and Toto seals for 200 USDT and 100 USDT, respectively.

Now your Cat-Hero will work and mine every 20 minutes 24 hours a day its share of 1 billion HTC. By spending your money on upgrading a cat, you increase your share of farming.

We registered on the platform and purchased our hero for 200 USDT. But the appetite comes as you know during the game and we decided to raise the rates — after all, the New Year is coming soon. Having invested another 2500 HTC and 500 USDT, we improved our cat, increasing its initial strength by 6 times:

Now our pumped beast gets us a little more than 18 HTCs every 20 minutes. The amount of daily income is currently more than $ 250

Of course, when dealing with such profitability, one should also be aware of the risks associated with its decrease from an increase in the number of participants, depreciation of the token, etc.

However, he who does not take risks does not win. Watching a new hero!

The project has an official chat on Telegram where you can ask questions.


Free TON has been renamed to EVERSCALE. The same changes were made to the coin, which is called EVER instead of TON Crystal.

And blockchain services, including TON Swap, are still in the process of rebranding. At the same time, this does not interfere with the stable accrual of remuneration, which amounted to slightly more than 93 WTON.

According to the 120-day vesting period, only 21 WTONs are currently available for withdrawal.

The WTON rate (wrapped by EVER) has been declining for the entire period of time and is now $ 0.261 per 1 WTON. The total profit in dollar terms has dropped significantly and is $ 24.4.

The changes also affected the state of the initial investment, which is $ 206, IL = 4.95%

Cake at Pancake Swap

Auto Cake at Pancake Swap continues to upset us.

For 8 weeks, the profit from farming was 0.876 CAKE ($ 12.5), which is automatically added to the amount of the initial investment. However, due to the decrease in the cost of CAKE, we are still suffering losses. At the moment, the account has about $ 161.

The negative trend of SYP-SOL at Tulip

Tulip Garden is an aggregator platform on the Solana blockchain. We have invested $ 200 in one of the highest yielding pairs SYP-SOL.

For 1 week, the profit amounted to 22.36 LP-tokens or $ 18.89 at the rate of $ 0.257. The reward is automatically added to the LP pair in farming.

At the same time, over the past time, both tokens in the pair have lost in value, so at the moment we are suffering losses and the total amount of the account is $ 179.

8th Week in Numbers

Results of 3 Weeks

In the eighth week, the ZOO game delighted us with an excellent profit of $ 225. At the same time, IL was already an impressive 15%.

The traditional services Tulip Garden, TON Swap and Pancake Swap continue to accrue income from farming, at the same time losing in asset price due to the fall in the rate of the token pair. PancakeSwap remains the leader of anti profitability.

We found a new risky GameFi hero, in which, in addition to the traditional $ 200 for shows, we invested another $ 1000 on top. Whether the new hero HeroCat.io will justify our investment and whether the $ 250 daily income will last for a long time, we’ll see in the near future.

To date, the wallet has $ 295 of which $ 70 was brought by NEAR farming at Ref Finance and $ 225 by farming at ZOO Game.


What will the next week bring us?

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