“Making Money On Crypto. Test-drive”. Episode 6. How Did the New Platform Prove Itself

“Making Money On Crypto. Test-drive”. Episode 6. How Did the New Platform Prove Itself

Five weeks have passed since the start of the “Making money on crypto. Test-drive” reality show. We will share information about which platforms and invested tokens helped us earn the most. We will also see what results the Tulip platform gave in the first week.

The calculations exclude exchange fees and slippages, so the final profit may vary slightly


Both variable exchange tokens WTON-WETH are invested in the TON Swap exchange. Initially, LP tokens worth $200 were transferred to the exchange.

In 5 weeks the profit was 51.1 WTON

TON Swap has a 120-day vesting period. That’s why only 7.4 WTON from the profit we can immediately withdraw, and 43.7 — remains on the exchange account until the end of the vesting period.

The TON Crystal exchange rate decreased over the week from $0.398 to $0.361 per 1 TON. Profit in dollar equivalent was $18.41

Due to the increase in the WETH exchange rate, there is currently $254 on the account instead of $200, on which further income is accrued. Profit from farming is not included in this amount.

Cake on Pancake Swap

Cake tokens were invested on Pancake Swap in the amount of $201.

For 4 weeks the profit from farming was 0.56 CAKE, which is available for withdrawal

This week the CAKE rate has increased and now is $19.7. Profit for 5 weeks in the dollar equivalent — $11.07

Because of the CAKE increase in the fifth week of farming, the Pancake Swap is profitable again. Now we have about $216 on our account, including profit from farming.

ZOO on Zoo Game

We continue to monitor the farming of the most unpredictable ZOO-BUSD pair. Initially sent to the Zoo Game liquidity pool about $200. It was promised 3,000% per annum at the time!

On the Zoo Game platform in the fifth week in the first version, farming ended, so the pair was transferred to the new version after 4 days, due to which the profit was less than expected.

For the 5 weeks the profit was 2.76 KEY, available for withdrawal 

This week, the rate of KEY (tokens in which rewards are earned on the platform) continued to drop, but at a slower pace than a week ago. Currently, 1 KEY costs $9.83 instead of $10.75 last week.

Profit from farming for 5 weeks is $27.2

The ZOO exchange rate stopped decreasing and returned to the level of the third week. The price of the LP-pair is about $212.

First Week of SYP-SOL on Tulip

Tulip is the platform on which we sent $199 a week ago. Our readers chose this platform.

SYP-SOL, one of the highest-yielding pairs of the platform with 1226% APY, was sent to the farming

In 1 week the profit was 22.36 LP-tokens, available for withdrawal. The reward is automatically added to the LP-pair in farming 

The reward rate is $0.36. Profit from farming for the 1st week is $8.16.

Both LP-pair tokens increased in value over the week, so today there is $235.4 in farming instead of the $199 invested. This means that the Tulip platform is the yield leader in the fifth week of the experiment.

The Fifth Week in Numbers

For clarity, we will show all of the above in the graphs.

As you can see from the IL graph, its size has changed insignificantly in 5 weeks. This means that it did not have a significant impact on the ratio of tokens in the LP pairs.

Results of the Week

In the fifth week of the experiment, the new platform Tulip distinguished itself, which gave a total profit of $37 due to farming and the growth of token rates. It turned out to be the most profitable farming platform this week.

Earnings on the platform TON Swap are the most stable for the entire investment period. For 5 weeks of farming, we have $273 against the invested $200. Of course, to withdraw the full amount we have to wait until the vesting period is over.

The Zoo Game platform gives unstable income due to the rate of LP-pair and KEY tokens. As a result, for 5 weeks of farming, we have $239

Farming on PancakeSwap brings the least income for all weeks of the experiment. After 5 weeks, there is $216 on the account. However, the good news is that this week the platform again made a profit, albeit a minimal one.

The fifth week of farming brought us 29% profit. The value can be considered indicative because the exact numbers can be called only after the LP pairs withdrawal to the wallet. 

So, by investing $800 five weeks ago, theoretically, we now have $1033, of which $70 in profit (the results of farming for 4 weeks on Ref Finance) is already in the wallet.

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