Mainnet: there is no fixed date yet ๐Ÿ

Mainnet: there is no fixed date yet ๐Ÿ

CEO Venom Foundation, Christopher Louis Tsu shared the current state with the community:

"Special hello to Venom Family. Everybody is asking me, when the mainnet? And the answer is there is no fixed date yet. We’re working very hard, as soon as we get some news, you will be the first to know. Now the things are going more than fine.
The blockchain (the testnet) is running like a swiss clock.

You may have seen me writing about Aััount Abstraction (AA). This is very important for Finasial institutions. They need to express complicated financial products. And through AA this can be achieved. This is one of the superpowers that we have in Venom Network.

Check out the latest information at my Twitter account."

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