Lumi Wallet: Another Crypto Wallet Added TON Crystal

Lumi Wallet: Another Crypto Wallet Added TON Crystal

Multi-currency Lumi Wallet started working with Free TON currency — TON Crystal token. Let’s put some crystals in it together?

Lumi Wallet: Download And Install

To start using the application on your mobile device, you need to follow the link for Android or iOS and click Install. The web version of the wallet is also available. Select Create new wallet or Import existing wallet in the opened window.

Create A New Lumi Wallet 
  1. Click Create New Wallet.
  2. Enter the 4-digit PIN code.
  3. Record and save in a safe place the 12-word seed phrase by clicking Backup. Check that all the words are written correctly by selecting four of them. Proceed to the wallet.
Importing an existing account to Lumi Wallet
  1. Select Import.
  2. Enter the 4-digit PIN code.
  3. Enter the seed phrase of the wallet, which we want to log in and click Submit. Proceed to the wallet.

Lumi Wallet: Pocket For TON Crystal

The main window of the wallet automatically displays the balance in BTC and ETH, as well as the total amount in USD.

To add a crystal wallet to the main screen, select +Add Wallets at the bottom of the window and select TON Crystal in the currency list. Done.

Receive TON Crystal And Activate Your Account

To send crystals from another account and top up your Lumi Wallet account:

  1. Click the card with crystals in the main window.

2. Select the Receive icon. You can also access this window by selecting Receive on the main window at the top and then clicking on the TON Crystal tab.
3. Scan the QR code address of the wallet with another device or copy the address by clicking on it and paste it into another wallet. You can also click Share at the bottom and share your address via any of the suggested messengers as a message.
4. Waiting for the tokens to appear on the balance.
5. After the first receipt of tokens, you need to activate the account. To do this, go to the crystal wallet, click Not activated yet at the top and confirm sending 0.081 TON for activation.

Send TON Crystal

To send TON to another wallet address:

  1. Click the card with crystals in the main window.

2. Click Send and fill in the lines that appear:

  • Enter TON address — the recipient’s wallet address. You can click on the QR code scanner icon next to it and scan the address.
  • Below you specify the amount in TON or USD.
  • Memo is a combination of several characters that you need to enter when sending to some exchanges or wallets.

You can also get to the TON Crystal sending window by clicking Send at the top of the main window and selecting the TON Crystal tab.

3. Make sure the data is correct and click Confirm.
4. Wait for the message that the transaction is complete, and then click Okay, I’m done at the bottom to exit the transaction. You can also share the transaction by clicking Share or go back to the sending window by clicking Send more.

The latest transactions are available for viewing in the TON Crystal window.

Send TON Crystal To Staking

To transfer some of your crystals to the DePool account and start earning from staking:

  1. Click the card with crystals in the main window

2. Click Invest.
3. Read the parameters of the DePool, which offered a wallet for staking, scroll About. So far, there is not much choice: the wallet offers only Brown Surf DePool, which promises about 5% p.a. and takes an 8% fee. Soon, the creators of the wallet promise to open access to all DePools. Currently, the minimum amount for staking is 100 TON.
4. Click Confirm to send the tokens to staking.
5. To withdraw crystals from staking, in the TON Crystal window click the Brown Surf DePool and then Withdraw

It can take up to 54 hours for tokens to appear on your wallet balance from the moment you click Withdraw. Read more about staking in Lumi Wallet.

How To Exchange Cryptocurrency

Lumi wallet is multi-currency. This makes it possible to use it as an exchanger.

  1. Click the exchange icon on the bottom panel in the main window.

2. In the appeared exchange window, specify the amount and type of cryptocurrency available on the balance in the field You send, and in the field You get, select the currency you need to exchange.
3. If the rate is suitable, confirm the operation with the Exchange button.

Using the Buy tab in the exchange window, you can buy a cryptocurrency for fiat currency.


Find the matching icon in the main window. Let’s look at what functions are available in the General section:

  • Wallet ID. The identifier is needed in case of contacting the Lumi Wallet support service
  • Change PIN.
  • Backup Wallet. Access to the seed phrase. It can only be recorded, the wallet settings do not allow screenshots.
  • Balance currency. By default, the balance display is set at the dollar rate, but you can select another fiat currency.
  • Wallet address.
  • Limits. By default, the limit is not configured.
  • Notifications.

Also in the settings section, you can enter a promo code, get information about the application, navigate to the Dapp-browser, and log out of the account by pressing Log out.

Users of other wallets may notice that the mobile version of Lumi Wallet does not have a section with language settings. This is because the app automatically detects the optimal language for you and runs in it.


TON Crystal in a new wallet is great news. However, to the principled members of the Free TON community, who signed the Declaration of Decentralization, it can be somewhat controversial: Lumi Wallet is a centralized solution with all the inherent advantages and disadvantages.

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