List of grants from DeFi Alliance for 4 months 🔥

List of grants from DeFi Alliance for 4 months 🔥

As you know, Everscale has moved away from the contest token distribution model, switching to the grants' model. Since the beginning of 2022, the DeFi Alliance has already approved 8 grant applications:

✨ Grant #1
EverKit (formerly GramKit) is an information portal about the Everscale ecosystem, available in Russian and in English.
💰Grant amount: $18,000

✨ Grant #2
Fluker is an automated platform for organizing e-sports tournaments.
💰Grant amount: $32,000

✨ Grant #3
AML Crypto is a cloud-based service that allows users to check the provenance of funds on a crypto wallet and ascertain the risks they face by engaging in transfers with unknown individuals.
💰Grant amount: $90,000

✨ Grant #4
Metadues is an on-chain system for accepting regular payments in cryptocurrency.
💰Grant amount: $42,000

✨ Grant #5
Spatium is the first hybrid white label crypto wallet on the market. This technology will attract many users to Everscale.
💰Grant amount: $74,390

✨ Grant #6
Everspace Wallet is the first wallet in Everscale, built on the Everscale-SDK and community bindings, and running on iOS and Android.
💰Grant amount: $21,900

✨ Grant #7
GamePay is a platform that provides tools and infrastructure for forming metaverse for games designed to play and earn money at the same time.
💰Grant amount: $250,000

✨ Grant #8
Identix.Space is a company that creates online quests for onboarding new users to WEB3 projects.
💰Grant amount: $50,000

If you already have (or want to create) an interesting project which will bring value to the Everscale ecosystem, you can apply for a grant.

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