Launch of the Bounty program from Broxus

Launch of the Bounty program from Broxus

On March 21, the Broxus team launched the Bounty program in the Everscale community. The program is aimed to improve the accuracy and availability of platform and product documentation. The task of the program participants is to write a guide for users in English on the proposed topic and, if successful, receive a reward.

How to take part in the program:

  1. Choose a guide topic from the list. The higher the level of complexity of the topic, the greater the reward.
  2. Create a user-friendly guide in English with screenshots. Don't forget to change your system language to English! Do not worry about grammar: Broxus editors will help you. Follow the guide example.
  3. Send your work here.
  4. If you write a good and user-friendly guide that meets the requirements, you can receive a reward. Guides are evaluated daily. As soon as the Broxus team receives a worthy guide on a specific topic, it will close the topic in the table and mark it as completed. After that, the team will contact the winner to transfer the reward.

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