Launch of NiFi Club Platform

Launch of NiFi Club Platform

At the 65 weekly community MeetUp, the presentation of the NiFi Club Platform, a platform for creating, monitoring and trading tokens, was held. The launch of the platform took place on August 4, 2021.

Users must be authorized to create tokens. At the moment, authorization is available to those who use the extraTON wallet, but soon TON Crystal Wallet users will also be able to easily create and sell tokens on the platform.

Registered users will have their own opportunities: for example, registration with the subsequent creation of tokens will allow you to get 10 TON Crystal. This promo action is likely to be limited in time, as the platform, despite the launch, is still being finalized and improved. Also, registered users will be able to “like” tokens.

Another promo action is the distribution of tokens for the best works: approximately 50 TON Crystal per user. The best works are those that have scored the most likes.

The platform interface is very simple to use, it will allow people to create and trade tokens without difficulty.

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