Latest updates of the Broxus products ✅

Latest updates of the Broxus products ✅

1️⃣ Locklift updates

Ever-locklift is a Node JS framework for working with Everscale contracts that helps you build, test, run and maintain your smart contracts.

Locklift now uses the everscale-inpage-provider (GitHub) as the core for interacting with the blockchain.

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2️⃣ Octus Bridge updates

Ability to find all your transfers at once on the transfer history page. Check ☑️ "Only my transfers" in the transfer section.

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3️⃣ updates

The functionality of the previous version was improved, as well as added a new section — Contracts

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Also, now has light and dark interface themes.

Soon a section for viewing NFT collections will be added.

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