Knowledge comes during use of Free TON. Part 2

Knowledge comes during use of Free TON. Part 2

Many users are still afraid to use the blockchain. This is a kind of "privilege" of a group of tech-savvy users, and it can be noted that the vast majority of people are not ready to accept the technology yet.

Let's open the Free TON website: "Making blockchain accessible" is written on the page of the TON Surf wallet.




However, the “Introduction to Free TON” page gives little chance of visual perception of information:



There is no useful graphical information on web pages, although such a feed is better perceived and allows people to quickly and efficiently convey all the data to the user. Physiologically, the perception of visual information is basic for humans. There are numerous studies confirming that the presence of pictures in the instructions positively affects their perception. Moreover, there is research that proves that on average on the web page users manage to read no more than 28% of words during the average visit.

Data visualization will simplify blockchain training on the Free TON platform. Moreover, a graphic image of information helps overcome the language barrier.

How are text data perceived? Mercury has a radius of about 2.5 thousand km and a mass of 3.3x1023 kg. It's 0,055 part of the Earth. And the radius of the Earth is 6.4 thousand km, weight 5.98x1024kg, area 510 million squares. It seems difficult enough to really compare these two planets, only after reading the text. But let's look at the picture:




Now we can really understand how much larger our planet is than Mercury, right? Using images is a natural solution that can be implemented for Free TON.


Gamification in Free TON

Gamification can be used to give visitors a clear path through the product and clear goals. The user will feel like a real player starting a whole adventure on the site: interaction turns into a story where the user overcomes obstacles and tries to achieve a goal (or receive a reward). This makes the process of interaction with the site more clear and predictable. Gamification can be used in the entire system, in the form of a website guide (perhaps we still need the Free TON Hero for such purposes as well) and in the section "Introduction to Free TON," where after each block you can take a test, earn scores and get into a certain standings. How can it work? You can see An example of learning during the game in the digital space: the “Internet Awesome” resource teaches children the basics of digital citizenship and security so that they can confidently explore the online world (you can play this game here).


Our team does not yet have a gamifier that could qualitatively show how blockchain technology training can function in the game on Free TON web pages, but if you know what to do - submit your proposal to the forum. And if you are among those who have only learned about Free TON - we suggest you watch (and listen to) a seminar "Introduction to Free TON" from Free TON Academy on the YouTube channel of GramKit.


VR and 3D Content Development

Have you seen the visualization of the blockchain in 3D reality? Cryptocurrency is so abstract for many people that such solutions can really help some users. This is how Blockchain 3D Explorer works:



Blockchain Explorer visualizes blockchains in 3D and virtual reality, here you can analyze specific addresses and transactions and track the stream of bitcoins and tokens over networks. It is clear that experienced users have other ways to have fun and it is not necessary to learn in this way, but the real representation of blockchain in virtual reality will allow many users to better understand the processes of chain dependence.

Users only remember 10% of what they read and 20% of what they hear. If the oral presentation is accompanied by visual effects, this number increases to 30%, and if people watch someone perform the action during his explanation, the number increases to 50%. But students remember 90% if they do the work themselves. Training professionals around the world until recently were looking for effective methods to involve employees and students in the learning process. Oddly enough, no one could have thought that games were the solution.

Now it becomes clear that efforts to gamify and visualize data can increase the level of new technical decisions and participation, this will make Free TON more attractive and accessible. And the increase in the number of users is interesting to the whole community.

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