Knowledge comes during use of Free TON. Part 1.

Knowledge comes during use of Free TON. Part 1.

When a child turns on the lights with a switch for the first time, do they realize how it works? Most likely nope. You have already used the switcher, because you've seen other people doing that and seen the result of this action, and started doing that. Later you've learned about the process, about what it takes to  turn on lights in your room.

There is no reason to worry if you don't realize how Free TON is created. You will get basic knowledge after reading the Declaration of Decentralization.

One important condition, which is necessary for Free TON development, is loyalty of the community, which can be gained by a good branding strategy and positive customer experience. Website of a project may contain a training section or educational games, but firstly it should be intuitive and user-friendly. Then everyone will be able to learn the whole system and take part in its development.


The Blockchain technology project is still a UX-project.

User experience creates products and services, which provide users with meaningful and personalized experience. The main focus is on well-designed, user-friendly use of the product and positive experience from it.

We can help with simplifying blockchain until it's clear and transparent. But we need to understand that it cannot be done in the blink of an eye. Laptops and wi-fi networks became widespread because of a good design, when the sophisticated technology was overshadowed by its practical use. Free TON needs to reach the same point to gain consumer’s trust.

The Free TON community can start from improving the customer's journey through the system for all Free TON products. And provide users with an easy educational process. Perhaps, it’s worth considering gamification on the platform for reaching educational goals. Such experience makes the environment easier for understanding. In addition to convenience and educational appeal it is important to describe all the interactions between the user and TON Crystal and the Free TON community.

There are assumptions that blockchain technology will change people's lives are becoming more and more plausible. To have such an impact on everyday life, Free TON needs to break the barrier of usability. In the end, user interface design will have more impact on frequency of use than the technology itself.

Do you think it’s worth it to make people understand blockchain technology? We think that it’s crucial for Free TON ecosystem development and we will continue discussing it in the next article. See you on our channel!

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