Introducing GOSH Ethereum Layer 2 ⚪️

Introducing GOSH Ethereum Layer 2 ⚪️

▶️GOSH Ethereum Layer 2 is the fastest, most scalable, and first and only Freemium-model Ethereum L2 on the market

▶️GOSH L2 is an operating system on top of Ethereum with an aim to become an interoperable operating system of all blockchains

▶️Any DAO on GOSH can become Ethereum Layer 2. DAO members can choose to have their token available on Ethereum, effectively making any project its own L2

▶️A free blockchain allows anyone (developers, scientists, government officials, environmental activists, gamers, financiers, etc.) to leverage the technology of a decentralized, distributed ledger

▶️GOSH’s Freemium model is very simple: Any decentralized application can be built, distributed, and used for free

🔗 Find out more about why we don’t need new Layer 1 blockchains and the vision behind GOSH L2 in the GOSH blog

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