Interview with the new Everscale community manager

Interview with the new Everscale community manager

Aleksandr is Everscale’s new community manager. To introduce the community to our new hero, we asked him a few questions.

EverKit: Please tell us a little about your story. How and when did you come to Everscale?

Aleksandr: I first learned about Everscale from Alexander Filatov's interview with ForkLog in January 2021. I was attracted to the openness of the team and the technological aspect of the project. I think it is still quite difficult to find a project that is more open than Everscale.

I began actively following the network, reading all the announcements and chats and watching AMA sessions. I even managed to read the technical Whitepaper. In short, I immersed myself in the project.

Later on, I started working at Everstake, a network validator, which gave me the opportunity not just to follow the project as a holder, but also to work on its wellbeing.

Today, my opportunities to improve Everscale are once again multiplied, as the community is a no less important base of the project than its technical part. People come to blockchains for tokens, but stay for the community and atmosphere.

EverKit: What does "community manager" mean? What are the main responsibilities? Which channels will you be working on?

Aleksandr: Community management covers everything related to community development: maintaining activity in chats and social networks, conducting AMA sessions and contests, attracting new users, communicating with project partners, and much more.

The result of my work should be a healthy and friendly atmosphere in an actively growing community.

Not all crypto enthusiasts use Telegram as the main communication area. We will expand Discord, Twitter, and Reddit so that the community exists across all social media. But we won’t forget about Telegram, where the main core of our community currently is. There is already a long list of potential improvements there.

EverKit: How and why were you chosen?

Aleksandr: I went to the EverPoint conference in Dubai and stayed there for several weeks, which allowed me to meet and talk with people making these types of decisions.

I think my experience in the ecosystem played a role: for the past two years, I have been following the project every day, and this has given me a broad understanding of the situation in the community. I know what improvements holders want to see and what issues they are worried about.

EverKit: What changes can the community expect in the near future with the new manager?

Aleksandr: We will be working on several areas:

The first and most important thing is to build a constructive dialogue with the community.

Many community members also have a passion for the project, which is an invaluable resource that cannot be underestimated. At the same time, communication needs to be convenient, attracting new users should be easy.

People join the project in different ways. Some, -like me, saw an interview on YouTube, some found us on CoinMarketCap, some – on Twitter. There should be a mechanism for converting simply interested users into active community members for each of these paths.

Another point is to unite the community around a common goal, so that people feel a sense of involvement in the project. Remember how we all were working together in February to get as many votes as possible on ByBit? That was an excellent example of constructive teamwork, and there should be more of these kinds of activities.

I will try to find more opportunities like this to promote Everscale together.

EverKit: Please choose three adjectives to describe how you see the Everscale community in a year?

Aleksandr: Close-knit. Alive. Growing.

We thank Aleksandr for the interview!

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