Interview with Narek Abovyan: talking about TON NFT standards and more 📹

🔵TON & Company released an interview with Narek Abovyan, the head of TonTech and an active member of the TON ecosystem. We have collected the key points for you:

🔵Narek has an impressive background: he worked at Reliable, Open Land and GetGems, and since joining TON — he started developing the NFT standard and contributed to the development of the TON API and the V5 wallet standard

🔵The structure of NFTs in TON is such that each NFT is a separate smart contract, and there is a separate contract for the collection itself.

🔵Unlike Ethereum, smart contracts in TON are asynchronous in nature. This causes certain difficulties for developers and requires some adaptation when writing code

🔵The indexer plays an important role in detecting the existence of NFTs, it also interacts with the front-end and the wallet during the purchase process

🔵After the sale, the ownership of the NFT is transferred to the smart sale contract and the marketplace gets the ability to send messages from that contract

🔵The interview touches on the challenge of scaling development teams in a TON, and the fact that increased communication requirements can slow down the process

🔵Narek expresses his willingness to collaborate and invites people with experience in low-level development, writing documentation, and extending VS Code to participate in realizing the TonTech mission

🔗 The full video is available at the link

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