Interview With Mikhail Kabanov And Anton Platonov, Creators Of The Crystal Fever Lottery

Interview With Mikhail Kabanov And Anton Platonov, Creators Of The Crystal Fever Lottery

Not too long ago, we wrote (and even participated) in the first Free TON lottery — Crystal Fever. Since then, the blockchain community has received a partnership proposal from its creators. Free TON HOUSE decided to find out more about the project by interviewing its creators.

  • Tell us how it all started. How did you come up with the idea and decided to implement it? 

MK: We’ve heard a lot about deBots, some rare examples are even used. For example, staking deBot — but it is used only once, stake your tokens and that’s it. Further interaction, in fact, is not required.

How to promote the technology, how to unlock its potential for users and developers? Through easy-to-use, vivid and playful examples. This way is the easiest. And that’s exactly what we wanted to show — that you can log into Surf every day, read how many tokens were reinvested in staking, and buy a ticket at the same time.

While easy to use, the development is very technological — and the two types of randomization, and the picture in the «deBot» itself (can you find another one like this?), all on smart contracts. What a beauty! This is something you can and should talk about.

  • Can you tell us about any references? What was your inspiration in the process?

MK: Pancake lottery — the idea is slightly different, but the mechanics are the same. Works great, people walk around the bush, a great model for adaptation. This lottery is not the only one, but it is probably one of the most famous.

  • Was it hard to come up with a name and logo for the Crystal Fever lottery? 

MK: The name came on its own, as happens with good ideas. Sometimes you sit and think, but it just doesn’t work no matter what. But here, it all came together by itself. The logo was also designed quickly enough — we’ve been in this business for a long time, so we know what we’re doing.

  • How long did it take to develop? How many people participated in it?

AP: It took about three weeks to design, develop and test. Only I participated in the development, and the design and testing we did together with Mikhail.

  • How was the project implementation form chosen — in the deBot format?

MK: As I said above, we wanted to show the community, those who come and are interested, that deBots are great for «fun stuff». Let’s imagine for a moment that tomorrow there will be not 1, but 5, and then 10 of them. New mechanics, more developments. And each subsequent project is built faster and easier. Someone has to try to move the mountain in a certain direction. We decided to give it a try.

AP: One of the options to promote and improve existing technology is to use it. You can only understand what needs to be fixed and what needs to be added by actively using it. It is like a vicious circle or a snowball, the more a certain technology is used by developers and the more these products are used by ordinary users, the faster it develops and improves, attracting new developers and users.

  • What is the point and the main objective of such a project? Is this a commercial project or is there something that is not visible at first glance?

MK: When we discussed the lottery, the first thing we wanted was to get a foothold to promote the entire network. The higher the value of the native token, the richer the entire community is. Very simple math — to recoup the 1,000 USD spent on advertising, we need to sell 28,000 (!) tickets at the current rate. The ends will never come together perfectly. Lamborghini is out of the question. At all.

  • A proposal for a partnership with the Free TON community has been submitted, what are the benefits of a possible alliance for Free TON, and what are the benefits for Crystal Fever?

MK: For us, it is compensation for the work done and planned. But, again, this is not a fantastic jackpot or a comfortable old age. All these tokens have to be earned.

At the same time, a big part of it, as written in the proposal, is planned to promote the lottery and the entire network. Through articles and banners, some kind of referral programs. Our interest is in a new audience that can join the network under a fairly simple pretext. First, he buys a ticket, then looks at what is happening in contests, joins in the activity on the forum, and chats. That’s the only way it works.

  • What projects in the Free TON do you find interesting in general, can you tell us about the recent ones that make you feel kindly envious, if not delighted?

MK: A lot is currently in development, some fantastic breakthroughs are about to be seen «around the corner». In my personal opinion, we should take everything we already have — staking, farming, bridge, entertainment projects, etc. — and actively promote them. 

Yes, let it be addressed to the end user, who is not always a millionaire. Yes, not everything can be measured by KPI. But how can you measure project awareness? Our decentralized model makes it difficult to build such communication. 

When I have the resources — I throw ideas to media representatives I met through contests and articles are published. But this is not enough. PR is systematic and very routine work, but only in this format can it bear fruit. You try different mechanics, sometimes you put polar accents — something will work, but you can’t tell in advance with 100% probability.

It is also important to separate PR and media buying — buying paid placements, you disperse the market in relation to yourself, tomorrow the same article will be more expensive for you. Everyone communicates with each other. That’s why building a trusting relationship with the press is another task that needs to be addressed.

  • What’s next? What is happening now on the project, what further steps are you planning for the project development? 

MK: For now, we are waiting for a reaction to our proposal. There are many options for the development of the lottery, we have described most of them in the proposal. Time will tell how and what will happen next. 

Thank you for showing interest in our project — we will be in touch!

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