Interview with DeFi Alliance from the Free TON community

Interview with DeFi Alliance from the Free TON community

The community talked with Broxus founder Sergei Shashev, who answered questions regarding the work of DeFi Alliance. The results of a small interview are presented in this article.


1) What potential partners did you communicate with in Dubai? Who does Free TON have a good chance of partnering with?

Sergey Shashev: We don't divulge it before it happens. Still, the world is very volatile, and it's better to say what happened than what could happen.

2) What large projects should we expect from the DeFi Alliance next?

Sergey Shashev: A tunnel between EVM without interfaces. The ability to send, for example, from a metamask to phantom wallets. Bridge will be invisible to the user at all. Several launchpads, SSI development, NFT projects, a series of Crystal hands projects with other projects, for example, DAO removes barriers.

3) What experience do the members of DeFi Alliance have in developing crypto projects?

Sergey Shashev: An extensive experience. Some projects can be viewed on our websites*, some are less public.

Editor's note:, Main - Pi Capital Union, Warp Capital Hedge Fund, Bitscale, BR Capital, MinerGate, Broxus, MTX Connect.

4) What about the compatibility of TIP-3 Broxus and TON Labs?

Sergey Shashev: Bilateral compatibility will be in November, rather at the end of November.

5) Question as to the initial community members: What about the new name? How will it be decided what it will be and when this event ends (rebranding)?

Sergey Shashev: Names pass patent checks. The name will be approved by a vote of the Initials. Rebranding will take place until the end of the year.

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