Interview with a representative of the Everscale Grant Committee

Interview with a representative of the Everscale Grant Committee

The EverKit team conducted an interview with the representative of the Everscale grant committee Anton Afanasyev. This article provides answers to questions from the interview.

EverKit: Will there be a continuation of the grant program?

Anton: The program did not stop, we are still considering applications, only the approach has changed: the market has become sad, the depth of liquidity has become lower, so now we are especially carefully analyzing. But this situation is not unique to Everscale, I talked with representatives of grant programs of other networks, most programs have a pause, and we still give grants selectively. Plus, now we are looking towards placing tasks for grants on sites such as GitCoin and ProjectGalaxy in order to be in sight of a high-quality community.

EverKit: Where can I view the current statuses of each grant?

Anton: Now on the Everscale website you can see the general list of projects that participate in the grant program. Including their brief description and links for the site + social network. We are preparing with the team that deals with the Everscale website and investment activity in Asia a better disclosure of the motivation of the grant program, according to which it will be indirectly clear why this or that project was selected by us. As for the availability of project status for a wide audience, the question is open. Until the project is released into production, we do not disclose the details of the development, since this may harm the project's marketing strategy. For example, one of the projects that recently joined Grants fundamentally announced his unwillingness to give at least some kind of information feed in addition to the announcement. They will start everything in one moment, this is their marketing concept. With some frequency, we plan to release an overview of what is happening in the grant program, but at the level of explanation of what priorities the ecosystem has, how the preparation of projects changes, their values, etc. The frequency of such reviews will depend on traffic within Grants.

EverKit: Have all the grants been announced?

Anton: Yes. We have several projects with which we have already agreed on all the conditions, but for their own reasons they are not yet ready to be public.

EverKit: Will the community have each grantee contacts for project development questions?

Anton: Yes, we are now changing the general view on the site, where there will be contacts and social networks of projects, although we, of course, will not have personal information of the founders.

EverKit: Please tell me what is your estimate of the first nine months of the program? What was done well and what exactly needs to be changed?

Anton: The stage that we passed on grants in the first months was the first practical experience for the team and the result that we have is positive. The deeper we dive, the better we understand how much hype the crypto business depends on those unspoken rules of the game that no one writes about. When we decipher them all — we will build a cool consistent ecosystem. Since the start of crypto-freezes, many projects with a lack of a clear business model and support for backers have ceased to be able to continue their development, so we have seen how important it is to conduct a detailed analysis of the business from all sides, attracting experts from areas to assess risks.

Also, for high-quality work, it is necessary to form a pool of tasks, the fulfillment of which is necessary for the development of Everscale, since completely different projects with different ideas come, and money is not endless. Working on a wide range is the wrong approach, now we are focusing on selecting projects from the priorities for the Everscale ecosystem: Web 3.0 communication, GameFi, Landing, Options, High Load.

Grants, like hackathons, are just a tool to stimulate ecosystem development. Ultimately, they should bring us closer to the goals facing Everscale.

EverKit: Which projects have already completed KPIs and received the requested amount in full?

Anton: Only the EverKit team received the requested amount in full. We are now accepting the final results for several more projects from the official list. If there are no force majeure, they will receive the entire amount.

EverKit: Didn't Everspace get it?

Anton: In my opinion, we did not have a financial relationship with them. We were actively promised, but at a certain moment the guys took a break.

EverKit: In your opinion, which project is currently being worked with can provide the greatest value for Everscale?

Anton: I would not bet, we do not act as a fund that can manage business, we only give help and watch how the business is built. I think it will be incorrect to choose favorites, it can be seen that everything is with a head on their shoulders, otherwise they would not have received a grant.

EverKit: Are there any grantees who have fallen short of expectations? How did you deal with payments for such projects?

Anton: We have projects that said that with the current EVER rate, they cannot fulfill their obligations within the stated time frame. We cheered the guys up and said we were ready to wait a while. We announced a partnership with the GamePay project, it was a kind of "partnership in advance," some of the team were confident that the project would bring value, but as a result, the project could not prove to us that it was ready to develop in Everscale, the partnership was closed, we did not pay money accordingly.

EverKit: Tell us about the typical mistakes of teams that applied for a grant but did not receive it.

Anton: Everyone has a problem in low training in terms of doing business. For the most part, they play startup. A team comes that offers something on an idea level, shows it just knows how to code, and asks for money for it. The grant program is aimed at business development. In a bear market, we see raw projects shut down one by one. The project should have at least a strategy that the team believes in. And the team should encourage us with their speech and make us believe that they are reasonable guys and know what to do.

EverKit: What does the grant procedure look like?

Anton: The grant procedure is as follows: projects fill out a form on the official website, we collect basic information about the project, conduct a loyal filter of applications, invite projects to an interview, where the team has 30 minutes to present the project. We listen to the presentation and ask questions of interest to us. If mutual interest remains, we conduct a technical review and help the team assess the resources needed to implement the project on Everscale. We also assess the history of the team, emotional background, and reputation. And if there are no stumbling blocks at these stages, we form a document with milestones, where we describe something like delivery stages (functional or business). We do another review, if everything is fine, the team starts work on the project and calls us for acceptance when there is something to show. On our part, we share the experience of DeFi Alliance experts and accordingly fulfill our obligations on finance, marketing and support.

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