Impermanent loss calculator: usage instructions

Impermanent loss calculator: usage instructions

The risk of impermanents losses is a risk in a financial instrument such as farming.

How to control losses

To control impermanents losses, our team has developed a Telegram bot:

To use, you need to add the value of assets at the time of the start of farming. Let's consider the use in practice.

Step by step instruction

Go to and press /start. The bot shows all available commands.


To add a new pair, use the /newpair command

We will add the EVER/BTC pair. The start date of farming is 30.06.2021. At this date, EVER cost was $0.75, BTC — $34,642. The bot supports coins that are present on the CoinGecko website and


We enter the EVER ticker, the next step is to enter the value of the coin at the time of the start of farming. If you specify cents — this must be done through the dot. For example, 0.75.


We do the same with BTC.

The last step: specify the name of the pair, it can be any at the discretion of the user. Let's call the pair EVER/BTC.


Done, the pair is created. To view all pairs, use the /mypairs command.


Now you can update the statistics and see the current percentage of losses. It is worth noting that impermanent losses become real only at the moment of withdrawal of liquidity from the pool. If in the future the ratio of asset value returns to the ratio at the time of entering farming, the percentage of losses will be zero.

Thank you for reading!

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