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Hello everyone from the Identix.Space team. We develop quests to teach crypto noobes how to use Web3 tools.

In March, we received a grant from Everscale DeFi Alliance and developed 5 quests for Everscale ecosystem products: Ever Wallet and FlatQube Staking, LP and farming. In this article, we will tell you what results we have achieved, what it cost us, what we plan to do next.

2500 users, 5 quests and a sea of discovery

We call the quest an article with instructions for performing a task with Web3, a block associated with checking the execution and a reward in several tokens for successful completion. For Everscale, we have developed 5 such quests.

1. EVER Wallet installation quest

Award: +100 XP
Let's start with the first, but not the simplest quest — installing a wallet. The user must install and deploy Ever Wallet, which he will continue to use. Rewards will be awarded to this address and his account will keep a history of transactions. In this quest, the user receives only XP — expirience points, which in the future can be exchanged for other tokens or affect the size of the awards. This is the very first quest that most users cope with.

2. Connecting the wallet to Identix.Space quest

Award: 100 XP and 4 EVER
The next quest is the simplest and most reliable — connecting Ever Wallet to the Identix.Space website. At this moment, we recognize the user's wallet and connect it with the account registration data. From here, by the way, the story of creating a Web3 user's reputation begins, for which we give 4 EVER, some of which goes to pay for a deploy deposit transaction. This is not an easy quest for those who take the first steps in Everscale, but we have simply not yet made it a separate stage.
For the entire existence of Everscale quests, this one has been completed by 1,376 users. I must say that since April, when we launched the web version of quests, having tested the idea on the Telegram bot, 2.593 users have registered with us.

3. Exchange one currency for another quest

Award: 100 XP and 2.5 EVER
The third quest gives beginners the opportunity to feel like true crypto users and exchange one token for another. Swap, in other words. To do this, we created technical tokens Wingo and Wongo and made it possible to exchange them one for another. They are no longer suitable for anything, so they are "priceless." For completing this quest, we give 2.5 EVER to pay for the swap and 100 Wong to exchange them for Wing. By the way, at first we had the Bingo and Bongj tokens, but the creator of the token lost the seed phrase... In general, everyone once went through this story.
According to statistics, about two-thirds of users break at this step. At the time of writing the article, only 547 users have coped with the exchange. Evil tongues say that most of those who did not cope simply are multi accounts, who have configured the scripts and do not go further, but we do not want to believe them, although we know that there is some truth in this (about this below).

4. Liquidity Pool Stake your tokens to get passive income quest

Award: 100 XP and 8 EVER
This is where really difficult quests begin. We lost three authors while we wrote instructions with screenshots. But we kind of figured it out. True, everything is still very difficult, and you need to really want to become one of 127 disassembled users. 8 EVER as a reward save.

5. Farming: Farm your LP tokens to get additional reward quest

Award: 100 XP + QUBE
And finally, farming LP tokens. 36 people even dealt with more than detailed instructions. two preparatory steps, many explanations, screenshots, etc. The reward will be the accrual of QUBE. There are no restrictions yet, except that pharming is based on the LP pool Wingo\Wongo, so you can't farm a lot.

About insights

What did we understand working for the Everscale grant project?

Quests should not be linear
We gave users only one way — to go through quests from start to finish, implying that they have no idea about Everscale, Web3 and cryptocurrency. We were wrong. Different users come with different requests and levels of training. Therefore, in the new version, we "untie" quests so that we can start from any place and any quest.

Users need interesting content
If the user came to complete a quest and receive a reward, then what does he do when everything is done and received? Leaves. So far, we have made only 20 quests and 2 quest lines. Then you need to hold the user. In the future, we will put the creation of simple quests on the stream or even open the platform for creating quests by the users themselves. Now we have begun to do just articles, instructions and how-to to keep users waiting for new quests with awards.

Description of the quest is not a game, but an instruction
We came up with a bot girl, Identity, who talks to the user, asks questions, reflects. This is a cool concept! But it is difficult to do this (narrative, style, etc.) and plus the age of our target users is 18-44, among them a third of the female audience. Not all of them want to "play" when they master quite complex crypto world designs. But everyone can read and understand the instructions. And also watch videos and repeat what they see. Therefore, in the new version of all quests, we will not have a bot girl, but a real Veronica, who passes all the steps of the quest in the screencast format.

Support at each step
"Where's my money, man?" - yes, that starts most requests to our support. And also "Why I don't have enough for a commission," "Why I can't go straight to pharming," etc. Support 24/7 is not yet available to us, but we provide about 18 hours without days off and holidays. And we will be even more, because time zones with geography and languages ​expand as new users flow in.

Manual control
All quests should once become smart contracts — this is our dream. But for now, we have to constantly look at the reward wallet balance, the sender's address and transaction history, a bunch of different parameters, before we release the reward to the user. Something is automated, but nothing happens automatically.

Wallet is not a man
We strive to ensure that in our system the wallet is equal to the user. Every day we fight fraud. We come up with new ways: we collect data, create a flag system, implement captcha and fingerprint. We want to avoid KYC for as long as possible. There are successes.

And also about fraud
We realized what fraud is in the Web3. Thanks to working with a grant from DeFi Alliance, we have made antifraud a separate product. After all, on the part of users we are an educational project, and on the part of our clients — business Web3 — we are suppliers of new users. Smart airdrop system for creating web3 power users —  that's how we call ourselves. And in order for clients to receive these very powerful users, we must be able to distinguish good users from bountihunters and bots in an anonymous crypto environment. In the updated system, which we will launch in August, we will add social quests, we will track many parameters that can be obtained from the Web2.

About the new design
In the new design, not only the picture will change, but also the number of screens, new sections will appear, the layout will change.

About new quests

  • The new design will bring both new quests and even new types of quests — social quests that form the user's reputation profile. They will help us not only effectively protect ourselves from fraud, but also encourage honest and active user participation in the life of the project.
    We will expand the list of knowledge and skills that Web3 users should own. Ahead are quests for interacting with NFT, scam protection, working with transaction explorers, participating in metaverse, soulbound tokens and much more.
  • We will expand the list of knowledge and skills that Web3 users should own. Ahead are quests for interacting with NFT, scam protection, working with transaction explorers, participating in metaverse, soulbound tokens and much more.
  • Finally, we will implement quizzes. That is, a block with questions and answers to them will be added to any article. Correct answers will improve the user's reputation and affect the rewards received in quests.

About hackathon
The 7-member Identix team took part in the Elysium Hackathon held by Broxus. Identix took part in the Development for developers track with a soulbound token implementation project, which, according to legend, was used to receive bonuses and discounts. We implemented a soulbound token module that was used to bind to an NFT that confirms the user's reputation. The entire user script was accompanied by a functioning web interface that allowed users to create a soulbound token, connect their NFTs, present them to the checking service and access the discount.
Project code, GitHub - demo app, Demo app.

Code for system deployment is available in the repository. Video recording with a standard system usage scenario is also available. Identix plans to develop this area of development. We plan to introduce soulbound token functionality into the product system Identix.Space. With its help, users will be able to receive awards for completing Web3 quests, which will become the basis of the profile of the decentralized reputation of users.

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