How was the AIBC Summit in Dubai held?

How was the AIBC Summit in Dubai held?

The AIBC summit brought together representatives of various blockchains who came to the event from all over the world. The summit was held for two days - May 25 and 26.

Alexander Filatov, one of the founders of TON Labs, entered the list of speakers at the event, thereby representing Free TON.

If the summit can be associated with boring speeches, the organizers of the event assure: the AIBC summit found a balance between the entertainment part and the unification of representatives of the cryptocurrency world under one roof to generate new ideas regarding our future.

Each blockchain at the event had its own platform with stands, speakers and an interactive. The presence of investors became important. Also there was organized a platform for networking, where participants could meet each other to discuss important issues. Of course, workshops also took place on the summit.

The most amazing part of the event for our community was the victory of Free TON in the nomination «Blockchain innovation of the Year».

The successful holding of the AIBC summit in Dubai contributed to the start of the organization of the AIBC event in Europe. The summit in Europe will be held from November 17 to 18, 2021 in Malta. 

Photos and videos from the event for maximum immersion in the atmosphere can be viewed here.

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