How to use Ever Name

How to use Ever Name

Ever Name is a decentralized domain name service based on the Everscale blockchain. Each domain is an NFT. You can bind your domain to your Everscale address and use the blockchain using short names instead of long addresses.

It is possible to buy domains with a length of 4 to 126 characters. You can use English characters, numbers, and a hyphen.

Domains consisting of 12 or more characters can be bought without auction. The purchase of domains shorter than 12 characters is carried out through an auction.

Registering domains consisting of 12 characters costs 45 WEVER. Domains with 13 or more characters - 20 WEVER.

Starting auction prices for domains, shorter than 12 characters:

4 characters - 4000 WEVER
5 characters - 2000 WEVER
6 characters - 1750 WEVER
7 characters - 1500 WEVER
8 characters - 750 WEVER
9 characters - 375 WEVER
10 characters - 180 WEVER
11 characters - 90 WEVER

After the user acquires the domain 11 and shorter characters, the rest of the users have a week to initiate the auction. The duration of the auction is 7 days. The user who made the highest bet becomes the owner of the domain.

The value of a domain renewal is equal to the value of a domain without auction.

How to buy a domain

Step 0. You will need WEVER tokens to purchase the domain. You can buy WEVER on the decentralized FlatQube exchange or wrap your existing EVER to WEVER on 

Step 1. Go to and enter the domain name of interest to you in the search engine

2022 11 04 13.44.17

Step 2. On the domain page, select the domain registration date and click “Register” and sign the transaction

2022 11 04 13.45.04

Step 2.1. If the domain is already purchased, but the "Start auction" button is available, you can start the auction and make a bid

2022 11 04 13.46.08

Step 2.2. If the auction is in progress, on the domain page, click "Submit a bid" button and make your bid

2022 11 04 13.46.54

Step 3. If no one starts an auction within 7 days, you become the owner of the domain. If the auction starts, the highest bidder becomes the domain owner

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