How to use DeNS by Augual.Team Part 2

How to use DeNS by Augual.Team  Part 2

In the previous article we’ve explained how to register a domain in DeNS and set a price for a subdomain registration. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out now! 

Today we are going to set an endpoint for our domain and will practice DeNS. Endpoint is the address of a contact, to which domain leads. 

Let’s go to DeBot using dens or 0:e49d816061c8d83f3f31d44a6bfa938855ad8848a5ab9b7206d2d9808636dac0 and enter the domain name.


Let’s set the address of our wallet as the Endpoint:

Choose “Manage domain”

Click on “Change endpoint”

Choose “Crystals”

Sign the transaction with TON Surf

In a few seconds we need to click on “Refresh Whois” and then we’ll see that the endpoint is set. 


Now let’s try to send tokens from another wallet using domain name instead of contract address. At the moment of publishing the only wallet which supports DeNS is browser extension

Learn more about how to use TON wallet.


Open the wallet and press “Send”. In the address field put the name of our domain freedom in


We have just sent 0.9 TON Crystal to our address, using the domain name only, the address came in automatically from DeNS.



DeNS will be used mostly for interacting with DeBots, not for transferring money. You will be able to use the most popular services with a blockchain browser, using convenient names instead of long addresses. 

From now on there will be seed phrases of wallets randomly allocated in our articles with a random balance on it. We won’t warn you in advance, you can find seed phrases anywhere in the article, so turn on notifications for our channel to not miss out! See you!  


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