How to use DeNS by Augual.Team Part 1.

How to use DeNS by Augual.Team Part 1.

To start using the most popular browser in the world, we can go to but typing in in the URL field is more convenient. It is made possible by DNS (Domain name system). In Free TON network, there is an analogue to DNS - DeNS. By using Decentralised Name Service you can use blockchain service without massive addresses such as 0:e49d816061c8d83f3f31d44a6bfa938855ad8848a5ab9b7206d2d9808636dac0.

In this article we will explain how to register your address in the system and how to put a price on subdomain registration. 

Keep in mind that in a decentralised network there can be lots of DeNS. Once you register a name in one system, you do not become an owner of this name in another system. We cannot tell which system will prevail, it will depend mostly on how a browser will develop. At the moment of publishing this article, DeNS by Agual.Team is the only working solution in the network. 

To check if a domain is already taken or get information about the domain, you can visit


Example of domain information.

To register a domain, you need to use any blockchain browser, which supports DeBots and go to “dens” or go to 0:e49d816061c8d83f3f31d44a6bfa938855ad8848a5ab9b7206d2d9808636dac0 if the browser doesn’t support DeNS. We can show an example in TON Surf. At the moment of publishing this article it doesn’t support DeNS. 



Let’s register a domain with the name freedom. 


  1. Open DeBot
  2. Put in domain address
  3. Click “Deploy and claim domain”
  4. Choose “Crystals”
  5. We need to choose a certain amount of TON Crystals to attach a message of domain registration. We can choose 0 and then 1.5 TON will be added to the transaction. That sum will cover all commissions for transactions and change will be sent back to the wallet.
  6. Sign the transaction with TON Surf

Done! Our domain is registered and we can get information about it on


The domain is registered for 90 days and 10 days before expiration you will be able to extend the registration. It is for free, you will only need to pay commission for a transaction in a network. 

We can set the rules for a subdomain registration on our domain. If you name your subdomain market, its full address will be as following:

There are 4 sets of rules that you can set for the subdomain registration:

  1. FFA (Free-for-All) - subdomains can be registered by anyone for free
  2. OWNER (Owner only) - subdomains can be registered only by the owner of the domain. 
  3. DENY (Prohibited) - subdomain registration is prohibited. This rule is set as a default. 
  4. MONEY (Payment) - subdomains can be registered by anyone for a certain price.
  5. Let's have a look on the Payment rule and set the price at 1 TON for subdomain registration. 
  1. Log in to DeBot
  2. Put in domain name
  3. Click on “Manage domain”
  4. Choose “Change Registration Type”
  5. Choose “Money (Payment)”
  6. Sign the transaction with TON Surf
  7. Go back to “Manage domain” 
  8. Choose “Change Registration Price”
  9. Set the price for subdomain registration
  10. Sign the transaction with TON Surf
  11. Now we will get paid for every registered subdomain on our domain. The price and the type of registration can be changed at any time, you will need to pay only commission for the transaction. 

In the next part we will discuss endpoint and will show you how to use DeNS, but now subscribe to our Telegram channel and recommend it to your friends!

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