How to submit an application

How to submit an application

Participating in contests and submitting proposals is a great opportunity to both earn TON Crystal and contribute to the development of the Free TON ecosystem.

The team of our channel has prepared instructions for you on how to place your proposal in the contests of the Free TON community.

To get started, go to the website where contests and proposals are published.

Select the required competition, click on the “Add submission” button.

Then you would need to enter your wallet address. If you haven't opened a wallet yet, you can read our instructions for installing TON Surf or TON Crystal Wallet.

Payment will be transferred to the wallet address if you take a prize. Enter a link to your proposal on Attach a full description of your proposal in .pdf format

Press the “Submit” button.

You will see a message below that the request has been sent. You can check if your work has been posted by going to the proposal page.

After your proposal is posted, it will be brought up for discussion and voting using SMV (Soft Majority Voting).

Participate in contests, submit suggestions, help the community and earn TON Crystal. Subscribe to our channel, where the latest information about competitions and offers is always published.

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