How to participate in the Killer Whale Pod Cast AirDrop?

How to participate in the Killer Whale Pod Cast AirDrop?

About the project

Killer Whale Pod Cast is the first fully decentralized launchpad for new projects inside the Free TON blockchain. Liquidity pools for projects will be launched on the decentralized FLEX exchange.

On the platform, you can vote for projects that will receive support in the form of listing and liquidity if approved.

To participate in the project, you need Killer Tokens - tokens with which you can earn money from farming and take part in liquidity pools on the platform. In other words, decisions are made not by the creators of the project, but by the community.

How can you get Killer Tokens? On October 30, 13:00 (UTC) a live podcast will take place, on which an AirDrop of tokens will be held. 

How to take part in the AirDrop? 

  1. You will need a TON Surf wallet to participate in the AirDrop. Haven’t got the wallet yet? Find the instructions for installing TON Surf here. Also your wallet balance must be at least 1000 TON Crystal + some tokens for a commission. IMPORTANT: If you staked your tokens, it can take about 54 hours to withdraw TON Crystal from staking.
  2. Don’t miss the stream on the 30th of October, 13:00 (UTC). You will find the link on our channel
  3. During the stream you will get a link to a DeBot, which can be used in TON Surf. 
  4. Your tokens will be blocked. Choose a blocking period in the DeBot: 90, 180 or 360 days. The yield percent will depend on the blocking period. 
  5. Send your tokens to the pool. If you had time to come in at this minute, then Killer Whale Tokens will be created for you at the current price proportional to the invested TON Crystal.

Price formation

As soon as organisers provide a link, the price of the Killer Whale token will be 0.1 TON Crystal. The price will increase linearly every minute, but in 59 minutes it will reach the maximum - 0.69 TON Crystal The amount of tokens from all participants which can be sent in the first minute - 50.000 TON Crystal. And then the maximum amount of tokens will increase exponentially. The higher price - the bigger opportunity to send TON Crystal. 

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If you don’t have enough time to send tokens in the first minute, you will receive tokens back and have to do it again in the next minutes, until you get Killer Whale Governance tokens. They will give you an opportunity to vote to list new projects on the FLEX exchange and an access to the tokens. LP tokens will be sent to the liquidity pool and blocked for a chosen period. After the lock period is over, you will be able to pick up TON Crystal and Killer Whale Token from the pool. The project token can be kept further, sold on the open market or burned. If you burn the tokens, you will receive a share of the project's income, which it managed to earn.

Subscribe to our channel and follow the updates to take part in the AirDrop. Good luck! 

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