How to farm TON jettons on the DEX

How to farm TON jettons on the DEX

Let us show you the farming mechanics of TON jettons on the DEX.

Jettons are a cryptocurrency running on the TON blockchain created by users, so, before interacting with any jetton please learn it carefully.

STON is a token of the DEX. In July, the exchange launched a promo farming of the STON token in pairs:

By providing liquidity you earn up to 0,2% fee on all trades proportional to your share of the pool

How to start farming

  • Go to the and connect your TON wallet. 
  • If you already have TON cryptocurrency, you can get a STON on the website.

If not, first top up your TON balance in a convenient way.

To swap tokens, go to the Swap tab in the top menu and get the right amount of STON. If you are going to provide liquidity to the STON/TON pool, make sure that the face value of the TON is not less than the face value of the STON, plus a small margin on the fees.

  • Next, you will need to exchange your STON and TON assets for LP tokens for farming. 

LP tokens are tokens automatically generated by DEX and issued to the liquidity provider 

(you) as soon as you deposit assets into the liquidity pool. These tokens represent a fraction of the commission received by the liquidity pool.

To get LP tokens, go to the Farm tab in the top menu and select the appropriate liquidity pool.

Select the required number of assets that you will farm, and transfer first asset, then the second one.


After successfully receiving LP tokens, you will see a confirmation:

  • Next, you just need to click on the Farm button and confirm the operation. From now on, you will receive income and will be able to track it here by clicking on the Manage button.

Before you start farming, please note that your funds will be locked for 2 weeks.

It will be impossible to withdraw funds before the end of the lockup period. 

  • To add funds to the liquidity pool or withdraw funds from the pool, go to the Liquidity tab in the top menu and select the appropriate pool.

Before providing any liquidity to this or other farming pools, we strongly recommend you to learn the issue of the risk of non-permanent losses in farming, for example, by watching this video.

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