How to Deposit Money In Farming

How to Deposit Money In Farming

How to add your tokens to the liquidity pool and start earning from farming.

Where to begin?

First of all, a potential “farmer” should link his Crystal Wallet to the exchange and get acquainted with the token pairs he can deposit.

You can see them all in the “Farming” tab.

There are several indicators of the liquidity pool next to each pair:

  • TVL — the total investment of depositors in dollar terms
  • APY — annual percentage yield, varies depending on the volume of investments in the pool
  • Reward — earnings accrual after you have deposited in the pool
  • Share — your share in the pool
  • “circle” — expand detailed data about the pool

In the first column of the table, we get acquainted with the pairs of tokens that are available for farming. For example, the first pair at the top is TONSWAP-LP-USDC-USDT. This means that to join this liquidity pool, the depositor needs to send two stablecoins to the exchange: USDC and USDT.

Evaluate the possible earnings and risks, choose a token pair for investment and proceed to the actual investment of your funds in farming.

Transferring tokens to farming

Once a token pair is selected, perform the following actions:

  1. First of all, convert the amount of TON Crystal (if you have chosen a WTON farming pool) which you want to invest in farming to WTON using the site Do not forget that TON Crystal must remain on the wallet to pay for gas.
  2. Half of the WTON on the exchange site in the Swap section swap on the tokens that are the second part of the pair. For example, WETH, for the TONSWAP-LP-WTON-WETH pool.
  3. In the Pool tab, select the token pairs, the amount, and send them to the pool.
  4. After that, on the Farming tab select the circle next to the pair you need and send the pool to the deposit, that is, to farming.

Detailed step-by-step guide can be found here. In case you have chosen the UNI-V2-USDT-WTON pool, use a different guide to add liquidity using the Ethereum Uniswap exchange.

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