How To Create And Sell NFT Token On The NiFi Club Platform

How To Create And Sell NFT Token On The NiFi Club Platform

NiFi Club is a marketplace for the Free TON community members for the full-fledged work with NFT-tokens. The platform developers became silver medalists of the NFT marketplace competition, which took place in the summer of 2021. And in September, NiFi Club was launched on the Free TON blockchain.

To describe the user experience, we created a picture and recorded all the steps — from registering on the platform to creating an NFT token and selling it.

The First Acquaintance With The Platform

The first thing the NiFi Club marketplace offers the user is to read the HELP section. Here newcomers can navigate the platform functionality, read the user manual and learn about current promos.

At the moment, the platform is available only in the desktop version using the Google Chrome browser.

To browse the collections of NFT artworks on NiFi Club, simply open the website. You don’t need to register or install any additional applications. 

Click on the picture you like and proceed to the section where the information about the digital artwork is displayed: its name, description, and information about the creator of NFT. But we won’t buy anything yet, our task is to sell our own!

Authorization And Account Creation

To create and trade NFT tokens at NiFi Club, you must go through the authorization process. The authorization mechanism is simple and easy-to-follow — all you have to do is install the ExtraTON extension. The extension allows NiFi to work with TON Crystal cryptocurrency wallets.

After installing ExtraTON, authorization happened automatically: the address of the current active wallet with coins appeared in the upper right corner of the home page.

To continue the process of releasing and selling NFT, create an account on the platform.

Fill in the fields in your profile: enter a unique nickname and username, upload an avatar image (optional), select a wallpaper. You can add original information about yourself, because a vivid, original profile of the author increases the value of his artwork.

NFT Token Creation

At the start of the project, to popularize and promote the NiFi Club marketplace, its team launched a promotional campaign.

The first 100 NFT-token creators will receive 10 TON each, and the creators of the 10 most popular digital artworks on the platform will be rewarded with 50 crystals.

NFT creation at is simple, user-friendly, and intuitive. First, we click on the Create your token virtual button, which is in the right corner of the home page.

It opens a form to fill out.

We upload a file — our author’s work — Chucha the Sorceress and fill in the following fields of the form: subtitle, title, and description.

This is little Chucha, the genius of botany.The sorceress is very fond of plants, gardening and forestry. Chucha grows many wonderful plants that love her, and she loves them.

We choose the type of artwork to be created: sole or limited. After that, we set our fee — the commission that will be paid to us (as creators) by the site for each sale of our work.

After entering the required information, click Create token. At the end of creating an NFT token and deploying it on the Free TON blockchain, we pay a small fee.

That’s it! The site automatically takes us to the page of the NFT token we created. We are now the sole and rightful owners of a digital artwork — the lovely Chucha.

Distribute And Trade NFT

Using NiFi Club, NFT creators, besides placing their works in the platform’s gallery, can transfer them for free or put them up for auction.

To send an NFT for free to another platform user, click Send token in your NFT profile, enter the recipient’s wallet address, and pay the fee, just like for any other transaction on NiFi Club. Ownership of the digital object is then transferred from the author to the receiver.

To put our digital artwork up for sale, click on Set up auction — in the right corner of the picture profile.

Fill in the following fields: start and closing time, minimal price and auction step.

Click Create auction. Since there are two smart contracts deployed in the blockchain — an auction and a token to launch the bidding, we pay two fees.

Confirm the withdrawal of crystals from the wallet. The auction is up and running. In the NFT artwork gallery, an information box with a countdown to the auction’s close has been added to the image of Chucha the Sorceress.

The NiFi Club auction mechanism is as follows: a potential buyer taking part in the auction makes a bid with an appropriate deposit. If another participant in the auction offered a higher bid, then the deposit from the lower bid goes to him.

At the end of the auction, the NFT will automatically be received by the auction player with the highest bidder. If there were no bids in the auction equal to or higher than the original price, then the auction will be completed without a sale.

It should be remembered that after the deployment of the auction contract, no other operations with the token can be performed. The auction cannot be canceled: in a blockchain world, every transaction is executed strictly according to the terms of the smart contract.


The NiFi Club creators have developed a platform with advanced functionality, a user-friendly, intuitive interface, and low service fees.

Working with NiFi Club will bring the user not only benefits but also the opportunity to join the world of digital crypto art: to become a creator of unique NFT objects or a collector of NFT works of famous and talented authors. Choose which one you are and see you at NiFi Club.

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