How to build a Free TON brand: Part 2

How to build a Free TON brand: Part 2

Besides branding, Free TON needs a visual identity. Why?

At the moment, Free TON ecosystem comprises of a curtain elements: a currency, a website, groups and chats in Telegram, a wallet, a forum, and various units. Everywhere in the mentioned elements you can observe a different style of one project.

Let's take a look at a few examples used by the community today:

It turns out that the brand cannot be identified, which gives the user some doubts, "Is this a fraud?" A single strategy line would give a sense of platform reliability.

The best identity for Free TON is dynamic identity - a development strategy used when sub-products appear.

Dynamic identity, as its name suggests, is fluid and varies depending on the situation. This allows you to go beyond traditional identity and reproduce your style in various communication formats, while maintaining a single visual language.

An example of dynamic identity. Sourse:
An example of dynamic identity. Sourse:

Today, the number of Free TON channels, which allow communication with the consumer, is constantly increasing, and the behavior of corporate identity elements and their perception by the audience is becoming less and less clear. Although, the identification of the Free TON project can occur instantly, subject to the creation of a corporate style and identity.

This problem was noticed by many users, and the community decided to hold a Free TON Identity contest. Let's take a look at the main part of the Free TON solution from one of the winners of the contest (2nd place):

And let's see how such a proposal might look in Telegram channels:

Identification here can occur in most cases only from the symbolism of the crystal. It has become easier to recognize Free TON sites, and more difficult to see the desired chat.

The winner of the contest (1st place) showed to a greater extent the external and material manifestation of identity, and gave a little information for the introduction of graphics into the digital space. But there is already a "design code" that can be traced, which will help reduce the time of brand recognition among other blockchain projects.

And the topic of subgovernances is not fully disclosed:

More often than not, people do not remember the details of the logo itself. The image itself leaves a trace in their head. A brand with a dynamic identity is better remembered with a variety of corporate elements that look holistic and meet regularly with the consumer across different communication channels.

Most of us always recognize Heinz products on the shelf, although the style retains only its general line, and the shape of the packaging and filling, mostly, can change:

Can they use their own "personal logo" under the subgovernances? Of course, only by observing the corporate identity of the entire brand.

Let's assume Free TON has a general style, colors and font as in the image below:

Carlos Puentes. Sourse:

Will the Chinese subgovernance be recognisable with such a logo? What if you replace all the elements with significant images and the name of any other country, but leave the execution and color? It is difficult to answer these questions without a research. But based on our user experience, we can say - brand reading will occur.

In order for the designers (and SMM specialists) of the community to be able to form a strong Free TON brand, it is necessary to carefully think over the contests and their conditions, divide them into several stages with detailed elaboration. And then, through the common efforts of the community, the image of Free TON will be fixed in the minds of many people - like glasses, a black turtleneck and blue jeans of a person who did not have a personal logo, but had a personal brand.


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